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  1. Thanks for the suggestions guys - I bought an SSD though so bit the bullet and did a fresh install..... cheers
  2. Yeah use them both too have in the past always preferred them to WMP - the play to feature didnt seem that great in vlc - it's the dlna control point I mainly want... plus needs to be screen readable M$ spend more R&D on that sort of thing...
  3. Yeah I think all packages were installed fine - it's just that winkit did a very complete job of removing WMP in the first place Anyway I bit the bullet on the weekend and reinstalled windows..... still wouldn't mind finding a solution though as I have the same problem with my install and I might want to run wmp sometime - I've got way to much stuff setup on to consider resinstalling an option
  4. Hi - thanks, really appreciate the suggestions - I've been busy trying them and I thought you were onto something there with the dotNET 3 method .. here's what happened: 1) Repair Install from Original media over my custom install - it wouldn't let me do this as I've moved my user profiles off onto drive D. How that stops a repair install i have no idea. 2) Adding through DISM to online system - unfortunately windows 7 doesn't support the new DISM parameter /source and I think this is kind of critical as I need to point at a different image that has that feature still in it (i mounted the standard Windows Ultimate image off the CD and was trying to point there). I even tried downloading the Win8 ADK and using that DISM exe but it seems to detect it's running on Win7 and not support the extra options. 3) I tried downloading the Media Feature Pack designed for the N versions of windows - thinking that'd be an easy way out but of course it checks and says Unable to install for this windows version. So I tried manually expanding the MSU file, and then using DSIM (also tried pkgmgr) to add the included Windows6.1-KB968211-x64-RefreshPkg.cab file as a package to my online system and although that worked, there's no "Features" exposed in the package so I couldn't seem to enable anything after having installed it. I tried using pkgmgr with the Windows6.1-KB968211-x64-RefreshPkg.xml file as an unattended install and that complained of the same issue. Inside the MSU there was also a WSUSSCAN.cab file so maybe it has all the install smarts, I don't know. I'm really out of my depth here - but it's so frustrating - I'm sure there must be an easy way to put back the Media Player features/package I trimmed out of the install. To be honest I don't even know exactly what I removed - I gather WindowsMediaPlayer is a "feature" in the Windows Foundation Package so perhaps I haven't removed a whole package at all, and just somehow need to add part of it back or substitute it for the original? but if I compare the files in winsxs I can see I missing quite a few media player things - are these all packages in there? I'm not sure.... Any other ideas anyone? Normally I wouldn't give 2c for Windows Media Player (hence why I strip it out) but v12 is actually half decent and my friend who's install I'm trying to fix is visually impaired and WMP12 is the only PC based DLNA control point (the new "Play To" feature) that has decent screen reading support that I know of - there's not many PC control points around and most are very graphic oriented with all the album art etc that they don't work well with screen readers and keyboard navigation. Media servers and control points are a massive win for the visually impaired - he's an audiophile and playing a CD on his HIFI system currently involves loading disc after disc until he finds the one he wants - with this he'll be able to have them all in FLAC and just search and play ... that's what I'm trying to get him set up with anyway.... Appreciate any help Cheers Mick
  5. Hey Guys - really need some help. I've used the excellent Winkit (component removal option) to strip windows media player out of Windows 7. I always do this for my own disks. About 6 months ago I used my install media to set up a friends PC, forgetting I'd customised it. He now wants media player - it's not available in the turn features on/off obviously - is there any way I can install this on his PC without him having to reinstall windows from scratch?? Thanks Mick
  6. It's been quiet on this thread for a while - not sure if it's the correct place to post this, but if an addon specifies arc=x86 and in the registry files refers to program files - is W7T smart enough to change this to program files (x86) - I know it does this for the tasks file, but wondering about the registry files??? Thanks Mick
  7. Hi Legolash Firstly a huge thanks for this tool - it's an excellent piece of software - i really put it through its paces with lots of messing around making my perfect win7 and it worked almost flawlessly. The only things I noticed are: 1) I couldn't integrate Nvidia GeForce display drivers for some reason. All other drivers worked perfectly. Is there anything strange about nvidia? I noticed a few similar posts early in this thread, but no real solution. 2) A few of the tweaks didn't work - Copy to folder, Command window here, disable task bar preview The other question I had - I added a silent installer, but found I didn't specify the correct arguments. Is there any way to edit this detail? I don't want to have to rebuild my image completely. Thanks Mick
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