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  1. Well, it doesn't do anything for me. If it's supposed to make that particular theme active for the user in question, it doesn't work in my case. Anyway after digging in it for whole day I gave up because apparently such functionality doesn't even exist in W7. Gah.
  2. Hi Lego, I need your knowledge - if you are willing to share with me I heard WinKit is able to set custom theme for default profile. I am trying to do this manually and keep failing for past ~20 hours or so. Can you possibly tell me how does WinKit do it please? I have my own .theme file (basically just Aero with no wallpaper and no sounds, more or less) which I want to set active so the user doesn't need to change anything, it must be set on first boot. I install graphic drivers during setup too, specifically during setupcomplete.cmd phase. The main problem seems to be the inability to set active theme. Stuff I tried: <Themes> <DefaultThemesOff>true</DefaultThemesOff> <ThemeName>AeroNoBackground</ThemeName> </Themes> in the answer file adding reg add HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Themes /v InstallTheme /t REG_SZ /d "%SystemRoot%\Resources\Themes\AeroNoBackGround.theme" /f into registry - I heard credit goes to you - I tried this both with firstlogoncommands and in setupcomplete.cmd before the drivers gets installed So far no luck. Since you apparently managed to get it to work, can you help me out please?
  3. Although I would love to see SP2, I don't think it was even announced yet. Or what makes you so sure it is coming soon?
  4. Can you make it so that when I run the program and get the new version notification, only the changes since last version are shown please ?
  5. Feel free to continue... ...unless you don't know what question mark is.
  6. Which commands does the ISO maker execute in the optional rebuild phase?
  7. Doesn't work with the options unchecked either. edit: it works if I check to show command line...
  8. I exported one edition from the image and moved the file back to the sources folder. Now when I try to use W7T to make an iso out of it, it doesn't work at all. Previous version said something about corrupted image or something (build 40 doesn't save any log at all). What's wrong? I simply used magex, didn't do anything funky. (imagex /export e:\Win7\sources\install.wim 4 e:\install.wim and then copypaste back into the original sources)
  9. Did you mean from other windows versions from the image? If not I don't understand edit: Can you give us link to your modified tweaker btw? I am trying to learn some stuff and experimenting with DISM, so I would really appreciate it.
  10. Thanks for the replies. I found out about this pretty soon - inability to read sucks The image shrank by about 100MB only - I hope it's so little due to strong compression, because the amount of stuff I checked to remove was high. Stil a shame there's so little to remove
  11. So I discovered this promising-looking tool and immediatelly tried the components removal part. Is it normal that install.wim grew some 40MB bigger after removing more than half of the available packages?
  12. Do you mean that the stuff I see in the component removal section is final? The available MS tools won't let you remove anything else? Really? That's weird :-O For example there are some drivers visible, but far from all. Why does it work that way?
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