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  1. This is really interesting, good to ear. Thanks for your wonderful work on W7T.
  2. :oops: Yep, you're right. :thumbsup_anim: So this one, that you integrate in W7T concerning the bug when removing Shell Sounds. :sorcerer:
  3. Excellent, I search for this tips since many times.
  4. Totally agree ! Cool, a new one...I'll test it now.
  5. Could you find a way to delete all language files we don't need in Component removal ? Like those we find in "C:\boot" or in C:\Windows\System32" and possibly elsewhere in Windows 7. Thanks.
  6. Ok that's really good and maybe you may also hide "Converters Tabs" too ? Because i forgot to mention it on the previous post. I find your idea to disable it, in 2 different way (options and tab) is a good idea for me.
  7. - That's working great, thank you Legolash2o !!! - I see that you have also modify the text in the Splash Screen, that's looking much better now. Thanks. REGISTRY TWEAKS : - To disabled the language bar, I use this tweak for the WIM Registry Editor in W7T (for a batch file or a command line) and it's working for me : - To "Launch folder Windows in a seperate process" in folder option : PS : I don't have ones for "Disable Drive Autorun" and for " Word wrap in NotePad".
  8. Is there a possibility to hide some icons (=stuff like "Addon Maker", "USB Boot Prep", ..) in every tab ? And hide tab like "Downloads" ? Thanks for your support.
  9. Hi, Awesome and Wonderful work, here is my feedback for W7T1.3.0-7A: 1. Confirm working 2. Confirm working 3. This is not a bug, just a cosmetic for the spash screen : add more space after "Tool" should look better. 4. Confirm working 5. Confirm working ricktendo64 : That's exactly that Legolash2o : I repost this in request thread. Sorry :icon_cool:
  10. Hi, I wish to thank you for your cool and inonvative app, because it's working great for what I want to do. But I want to feedback some few bugs (for me !) : 1) Untick "Check for Update" (in Options) seems to not working because the app search for updates in the splach screen. 2) Reenable "Show Welcome Tab on Startup" (in Options) and when I close the window with the red cross (top right of the window). I apply the changes as ask. Then, it opens a second identical windows on the Desktop. 3) With a DPI of 115%, the text in the splash screen is not displayed correctly. 4) In "Component Removal", the names of the packages are displayed twice. 5) In "Component Removal" (with a DPI of 115%) and when I use the fullscreen. The 3 buttons on the bottom of the window (Remove Components, Select All, Help) are flashing (Tips) when the cursor of the mouse change from one to another. (The previous version (1.2) has the same bug). Other than this, I like this app for the possibilities that are offering by all the options. And many thanks for your constantly support. Winterstorm2050. :icon_cool: PS : Is it possible to add an option to hide modules that we don't use ? Thanks.
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