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  1. I'm assuming what this little app does is remove from memory all the silly little DDLs & resources that do not get auto-removed when you close a program?
  2. Can the toolkit be used on an Acer Win7 OEM install disks? I'll assume it will be a recovery partition on the HD that I may burn to DVD... Or best to use an after-install tweaker to min OS CPU usage (Celeron B815) Thanks for your time!
  3. Greets! I'm buying laptops for 2 ladies to help them write their books. They will run at same time: + anti-virus + web browser with Facebook & video + word processor (likely Libre Office, unless I can find something free & lighter that allows offline editing...) The models are Aspire AS5349-2899 15.6" Laptop Computer, specs: Intel® Celeron® Processor B815 (lowest end Sandy CPU, about a C2D T5870 or AMD Turion X2 ZM-86) 4Mb DDR 1333MHz 320GB 5,400RPM Hard Drive (which I'm trying to avoid to use) What I want to do is make a RAM Drive for a small paging file & browser cache. What is the smallest paging file I can use? I'm trying to resist buying more RAM for them (systems come with a single 2Gb stick, & I plan to give a hand-me-down 2nd 2Gb), but if I have to splurge $40 for to bring total RAM to 6Gb, I will. I'd prefer to tell them don't use many tabs & don't run anything in background except anti-virus. cheers!
  4. http://www.sandboxie.com/index.php?RegisterSandboxie
  5. I like the idea of faster boot times, but I'm not willing to shell out another $100 for it. http://blog.gsmarena.com/windows-8-to-have-a-hybrid-shutdown-boot-times-as-fast-as-8-seconds/ http://www.dailytech.com/Windows+8+Hybrid+Boot+Promises+Drastically+Faster+Cold+Boots/article22673.htm
  6. http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/apps/br229516 No Win8 sub-forum yet, so there you go
  7. http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/apps/br229516 No Win8 sub-forum yet, so there you go
  8. That would be an annoying service when playing games, but useful when I have my audio editing apps open.
  9. I never would have guessed! :graduated:Thanks for all your hard work! Just let us know please what is the last file before you leave for Uni!
  10. I think it is better to use external anyway, since the keyboard &/or track pad (& the stuff that falls from your fingers into the keyboard to what is underneath it) it more often what goes bad first it seems. Plus, you can learn just 1 keyboard for all your computers.. Just plug the keyboard, mouse, backup HD & printer into a hub & away you can go in one USB plug.
  11. Oh, I thought you were going to use your SSD as an OS drive?
  12. Hey, that is an hour North of where I live! Where did you buy it from? Exactly. Rick, you will spend 1/2 of the price of a brand new laptop that is more powerful than what you have. And you will still end up with an old laptop. (I also expect your mobo is used, so it is old old & random). Plus, when you bought your new laptop, you can re-use the drive, & sell off the rest as parts, so you'll end up spending the same anyhow. A new dual core is going for about $300, less if you can really shop.Not as bad as a girl I know; she spent $200+ on getting a new keyboard on a 6-7 year old laptop. Then Wondered why she couldn't use Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 that she just bought on it. :doh:
  13. Thanks! But what about where all those files go?
  14. I've seen i3 laptops go for <$400 USD...
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