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    sirtex reacted to Legolash2o in Windows 7 Toolkit v1.3.0 BETA   
    What to expect so far for build 53 (not released yet):
    Just working through all the requests so if you have any requests and/or ideas then now is the best time
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    sirtex reacted to Legolash2o in Windows 7 Toolkit v1.3.0 BETA   
    v53 released
    *NEW: Black Viper presets for tweaks.
    *Tweak: Change CMD Text has more options.
    *Added skip button on startup form (splash)
    *Added new IE9 MSU links
    *W7T will add some updates to silent installer if they can't be integrated
    addons are different, addons can directly install the application before Windows installation. Although i do think some addons do u silent installer like .NET 4
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    sirtex reacted to Legolash2o in SoLoR Updates ProgressBar   
    Done v43.
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    sirtex reacted to Legolash2o in Editing Disc & Image Name   
    This should be better in the latest vesions
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    sirtex reacted to Legolash2o in Two column view on the Tweaks section   
    Best i can do..
    Normal View:
    Full Screen:
    Adding the collapse/expand groups will mean W7T will not be able to run on XP apparently...
    EDIT: I tried but it ended up just crashing W7T lol.
    EDIT: Still kept trying, still crashes so i'm going to mark this as complete by closing the thread.
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    sirtex reacted to Legolash2o in Make tweaks & file additions/removal UI user-configerable by text file   
    v41 released with this new feature. Closing thread...
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    sirtex reacted to MANIKANT.S.GUPTA in Estimated Disk Space Checking   
    It would be nice if the iso maker will check the estimated Disk Space required to make a iso is availabe with the drive selected, It should warn us before starting the process.
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    sirtex reacted to crashfly in Tweaks [Merged]   
    I would like to suggest a "re-work" of your 'Start Menu' options.
    The final option information I have deals with the default option of the "Shutdown menu"
    A. 'Log off' (dword:00000001)
    B. Shutdown (dword:00000002)
    C. Restart (dword:00000004)
    D. Sleep (dword:00000010)
    E. Switch User (dword:00000100)
    F. Lock (dword:00000200)

    At a minimum, I would like to have the new options for the directories with three choices. The rest you can work in (or not) as you see fit.
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    sirtex reacted to Legolash2o in Windows 7 Toolkit v1.3.0 ALPHA   
    Rica: I've added the option it is in the next version.
    Mani: That error appears when you close the form whilst it is downloading, i have disable that from happening. Also the cancel button now cancels the download immediately. Just to add... that was a big update your downloading so it will take longer.
    EVERYONE: I've added my new code in AIO Tool, so it should use up less memory Here are some examples below.
    Splash used 16MB RAM. Now uses 5MB
    Tools Manager used 13MB RAM when idle. Now uses 3.8MB RAM
    SoLoR Updates used 24MB of RAM when idle. Now uses 6MB loading (2MB idle).
    But yeah 24MB down to 2MB
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    sirtex reacted to HapuKurk in Moving User folders Unattended   
    Can be done without issues via autounnatend.xml.
    Example from my x86 install disc (method applies to x64 also), Key component is "FolderLocations".


    Basically it has do be done before users are creted, to avoid issues.

    <settings pass="oobeSystem">
    <component name="Microsoft-Windows-Shell-Setup" processorArchitecture="x86" publicKeyToken="31bf3856ad364e35" language="neutral" versionScope="NonSxS" xmlns:wcm="http://schemas.microsoft.com/WMIConfig/2002/State" xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance">
    <LocalAccount wcm:action="add">
    <LocalAccount wcm:action="add">

    Has a small caveat though... legacy or applications that have hardcoded paths (I have none fortunately), will create duplicate folders to "old" default locations and will use them. Basically cosmetic issue...
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    sirtex reacted to Legolash2o in Tweaks [Completed]   
    1. Added a few from the link
    2. That's a service be done via the Services Tab
    3. I think that's also a service
    4. I don't think that possible for me to go.
    5. I also don't think it's possible to disable pagefile via registry (Done). System Restore is a service...
    6. All Services....
    7. Done a few.
    8. Already available
    EDIT: Nothing more that i can do with this thread, i've added everything i can. Closing...
    *Tweak: Disable startup Sound
    *Tweak: Optimize Large Second Level Cache
    *Tweak: Increase File System Memory Cache Size
    *Tweak: Enable MAC File Sharing
    *Tweak: Show Drive Letters First
    *Tweak: Disable NTFS Encryption
    *Tweak: Disable Bandwidth Limit
    *Tweak: Don’t allow Windows 7 to turn off devices
    *Tweak: Disable IPv6
    *Tweak: Adjust Visual Styles
    *Tweak: Processor Scheduling
    *Tweak: Disable Pagefile
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    sirtex reacted to Legolash2o in USB Boot Prep (Quick)   
    Done, took about 2 seconds to figure out how to do it Just gonna test it abit though to be sure but should be in the next release.
    EDIT: Done and works, pretty instant too.
    EDIT 2: Done and dusted, will be in the next version.
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