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  1. Regards DotNet35 All the PCL inbox printer drivers become unsigned after you install the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack, It is included in Update Pack not in DotNet True AddOnCiao. Wait a minute! That 961118 is included ONLY in UPDATE PACK??? Why it's not included in/within 3.5 since problem is recognizable AFTER installation of 3.5???
  2. I haven't been here for a long time.....can you please tell me WHICH of those do I need to have completely UPDATED Windows XP with SP3???
  3. Soooo.....961118 shouldn't be shown under updates or hotfixes on Microsoft Update Site???
  4. Hello! What is KB961118? Is that hotfix present in .NET 1.1 "package"???
  5. Helloo again! I'm just testing Xp SP3 through VirtualBOX and that thing reports an error with VC10 AIO. I have downloaded those three: Microsoft_Legacy_VB+VC_Rtn_2.1_AddOn.7z Microsoft_VC10++_Runtimes_2.4_AddOn.cab Microsoft_VC89++_Runtimes_2.5_AddOn.cab
  6. Is .NET framework Assistant present in 3.5 or is it excluded???
  7. I've got Windows XP with Sp3. Which of them to download and put into installation disc??? I want all versions (if necesary) for Windows itself, just point me which of them to download. Thank you.
  8. Oh yes! IE 6 is still shown under components wizard in Windows. I don't want that. But hey, THANK U anyway.
  9. Help! Is there any way to completely remove IE6 from XP and put IE8 as default??? I've tried before to do that, but IE6 appears in Add or Remove Windows Components. If I "remove" IE6 from Windows, IE8 is making problems.
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