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  1. Thank you ricktendo64 I tested on a French version of xp and not of concern.
  2. I did not understand well for the key of register me I have this I puts it or? It is well to replace the logo with the first demarrage or it is to note please wait? Because me I seek has to modify this image
  3. Sorry Download UberIcon Download TopDesk
  4. Hello, A person could make addons them of TopDesk and IconFolder? In file cab not by the svcpack. Thank you in advance
  5. BruNo


    I thank you for your reception and I espere to learn has to make addons without errors
  6. I know another program truetransparency I have already to try to make the addon but odd thing it do not please settle the file sysoc corrompt Forum Download Can be that you will arrive there
  7. This addon me interress but the bond does not go any more, Or is what one can find it thank you has you
  8. BruNo


    Hello has all Me it is BruNo I am French and I translates what I says with altavista :icon_question: , therefore want to excuse me my English.
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