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  1. Hi Thiersee, you are right. I integrated about 152 Updates without any problem now, the way you described. More testing tomorrow (LanguagePack, IE9 ...) ... Sputnik089
  2. Hey, that´s awesome. I will try to reproduce this asap, I am not at home. I will let you know. Thanks for your support!! Sputnik089
  3. Thanks Jo and Thiersee, sorry, the screenshot was wrong. I tried Ultimate and Professional (without LP) and wasn't able to integrate any Updates. So I get the feeling that the language of the iso file has to be the language of the OS, WTK is working on. Why is that? A friend of mine is going to spain and wanted to have a current English DVD, so that´s why I came accross the idea. My German ISOs (incl. Net-FW) worked great with this awesome tool. Did any of you try to work with an iso of another language? Attached the current screenshot with Ultimate and newer Updates ... same. Thanks for all your help! Thiersee, thanks for the German part, but English is o.k. for me ... or does mine sound so bad? :confused02: Sputnik089
  4. Hi All, I try to create an English iso file with my German Windows7_x64 OS Development-PC. The English isofile I used is X17-59186.iso (Win7 SP1 X64 EN). If AIO from WTK is processing the updates, IE9 (982861) is marked green but all the others (incl. language pack german) are marked red. Did I forget to set a special checkmark somewhere? Is there a log file I could check for getting further information about the problem? Thank you very much and hav a great weekend. Sputnik089
  5. Hi Liam, 1. does not work with version V65, sorry. It lost both directories. Even if I change the settings.ini it does not work, sorry. 2. I checked that today but if I dont name my set, the automatic generated naming will be "10-11-2011_13-27-33".
  6. @bphldp Thanks for showing a better example. I thought Liam found the newest preset .. he did not ... @Legolash2o Don´t worry, I just copy my old presets to another archive directory an gonna rename the newest ones. Thanks for your offer. I think if you go for "[year]-[month]-[day]_[hour24]-[minute]" all will be happy (GB, USA, GER, ...)
  7. 2. on a German System it looks like this ... did you find the newest preset? ... 3. Just forget my idea, I found a way to do that. After AIO-Tool is finished I run a batch file to copy specific directories and files to the image directory before running ISO Maker. Is there a commandline way to run AIO and ISO Maker automatically like e.g. W7T.exe /preset=Last_Session(06-11-2011_1242PM).ini /ISOFile=W7T.iso /ISOLabel=W7T_111107 (so it could run unattended) Thanks for your great support!
  8. Hi Legolash2o, first of all, thank you veeery much for that great tool. I just have some small requests in mind, that might be useful: ISO Maker: Should remind the last "ISO-Output" folder, i try to have result ISOs in one place AIO Tool: If the default name settings for presets would be like [year]-[month]-[day]_[hour24]-[minute] they would be in chronological order in the selection list. Now the latest one is somehow hard to find. In my German host OS (win7 64) it shows the 24hour format with PM and AM. Idea: Set the default to 24hour format and just no "PM/AM". AIO Tool: Is there any way (couldn´t find one) to add a specific directory structure (incl. subdirectories and files) to the root of the ISO Image? Have a great sunday! Sputnik089
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