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    caphp got a reaction from CrAzYs in speed up w7toolkit on high spec systems   
    Maybe I have to explain, what Wintoolkit meens to me...
    It's not so important for me, to generate a w7 image, install it and use it for a couple of years.
    If this is my intention, I will maybe download the tool every 2 or 3 years, use it ... and he ( me ) will never be seen in the next years.
    I love to work with the tool and I love the several ways of modifikation it overs me.
    It's my hobby to test nearly every version, build new install.wim's and test the installation under a VM.
    So to me, the possible speedup with a ramdrive is a very important thing, because it offers me many new testings and much much fun !
    By the way ... BIG THX Lego for your work !!!
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