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  1. Thumbs up! Default preset works, and it's rather fast vs. old versions. Forget about the splash screen, it locks less times now. You should drop the beta from the name.
  2. Somebody pointed out one and I've verified it! It goes like this: If you trow some clicks on it/outside of it. It might just loop there, grayed out. Quite a large user base would do that - you know, the people that obsessively or out of impatience, right-clicks the desktop and choose Refresh.Well, until then, a 0.8 final featuring a safe preset would feed the hungry.
  3. Lucky it's only used for bookmarks. Without Include Bookmarks in Private Options I finally managed to create one simple build. I only have *.json in the bookmarkbackups subfolder, and no bookmark* in the root profile folder - that must be the cause as the error message was about file-not-found. The default preset timed out waiting on some script - but this is plugin dependent i guess. Default preset minus Editable Options + Plugins is the safe, working choice (after you fix the bookmarks thing). Maybe you should add another preset - Safe/Full. Also the nice intro screen sometimes never goes away no matter what, maybe you should add a failsafe timeout after xx seconds. I'm thinking of doing one as well in batch :dancing: Feedback served.
  4. I've just tried it on a naked W7-x86 (no registry tweaks, IE9) but It can't go past the same old error: copyFileBlind on Line 780 at main.js Current Firefox + Private Options + Common Options + Flash. Tomorrow I will look more into it. In the mean time, I've just fixed my script to properly update the version number (was using the right 7.x Firefox version binaries but mislabed as 6.0.2). Still works
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