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  1. Exist "Silent-Mode" or a "compact-window-mode"? I mean a option to set that the RO-Installer work without protocoll-window or a smaller version without info what it install. Otherwise known as "silent installers", - can that be possible for it? That would be greatfull. Greez
  2. I also have fast machine (4x3,4 SandyBridge, SSD), but i also use cab convert before integrating. Few Tips: Keep cabs for next integrating; set priority high if u need fast building, or set low and make other things while. Keep presets, Keep latest build and add just newer updates, also u can defrag and deactivate antivurs if u use hddd. Thats all speed up ur build-time. Greez
  3. Few questions: Superseded ones i can see on "state:superseded" in subgroup "updates", true? I have in a build 25 updates/components in a group call "Unknown" - what that? And: What means the state "staged"? How its at the moment? Just "not-install" or the Vlite "removed"? I would happy about ~realy~ removed method, what u think? At last: What the different between Component Remover and the Component Remove-Option in AIO Integrator? Just to see the updates or more? Thankyou.
  4. A question, have u ask Alphawaves what he think about to integrate the WHD Tool into WinToolKit (GUI integrate)? General what u think about the idea? So as new UpdateCatalog-GUI. Would that possible/workable to make this? Maybe then extending the updatelists for RiceNeaga Updates and a Office2010PostSP2-Source? And a other thing, the AIO check for superseded or? Whats about a SubTool to check a folder for superseds? That would realy greatfull upgrade. But at the moment, ofcs the Tool is still also fantastic work. - I realy love this one.
  5. No problems found... yet. Just cosmetics and suggestions Safe to release i think. Update: One thing, i dont know if its matter, if its the tool or just "normal" (Test15): Some cabs are opened as folder (explorer popup max) in WinToolkit_Apps folder after install windows is done. (first desktop run) These cabs i have also integrate as cab and now found there: Fix_for_KB2652034; Fix_for_KB2697737; Windows_Virtual_PC_(KB958559)
  6. Hey Liam! Mhh okay i see they mostly may are superseded ones, example KB2820197 (DrWin) by KB2900986 (WHD) - or? But: 1. I dont understand why so much old superseded updates still in other Update-Packs? Just mistakes or other reason? 2. I would like to integrate also all additional updates (from the WHD), but why it fails? They may not integratable? Okay, thats i understand, but what mean this option then exactly? I remember that allow by "mixed" updates install also the LDR part of it, the same way of GDR - or not? So i may have to deactivate this option to result the install without error ? Explain: With WHD i mean exactly the Windows Hotfix Downloader Tool. So what i mean and planing is: At the moment, i can integrate General, Hotfix, and Security Updates without any problems. After removing KB2506143 (and old IE and other uneeded) i can also integrate complete Extra (folder). But, - i can not still integrate the Additional Updates. - That is what i want: integrate these additionals. (Okay these other more updates from other updatepacks seems to be superseded ones, - no need more now.) I hope, now is clear what i mean, my english sucks.. :/ BTW: KUC Tool still works. But i also recommend WHD, at the moment i check with KUC Tool for successfull integrating generals.
  7. Same advantages as just integrate general, security and hotfix updates. Ofcs thats hard work to create a working one, but thats the project. If i need anything optional, so i have a updated optional.
  8. Thanks for answers. Yay thats much, but thats the goal: much as possible. The other update packs includes 176 updates more as WHD Updates (normal: General,Hotfix,Security) The mooms update pack include exactly 3 (KB2786400;KB2836943-v2;KB2883150) more as WHD, - Thx iv added these to my personal repo. Newly a info-message in WinToolKit have notify me a usefull tipp: "some of those [additional] updates may cause errors during install" Now im begin to test some and see that i can integrate all "normal" updates. So the problem exist with any of the update(s) in this special "additional" area. The masterquest is: Which one of these create this error? Ahh BTW: yay iv exclude now old IE (extra cabs) and some language stuff, thx. The beauty ricks 4.5 + other runtimes i do integrate at last, if all other is done. Realy good ones, found no better 4.5 pack as this. Update1+3: LOL! After excluding KB2506143, i can integrate ALL of "extra" WHD area without any errors. Update 2: I found some infos in web about bsod problems after install these updates: KB2859537; KB2808735; KB2840149; KB2506143. Yay, iv no see any problems by install them yet, but i remember i had bsod after integrating ALL old mcrip repo. I would recommend to skip minimum KB2859537. - Or its fixed now or other information avaiable ?
  9. Hello everybody, Project continues into that: http://www.wincert.net/forum/topic/12571-project-win81-z3r07s-rog-edition-beta-thread/ Project: Create Windows-Image that includes really ALL and NEWEST Updates there are available. My steps: 1. Use WTK/WHD for get ALL Updates for your destination-system(s). 2. Use AIO-Integrator (WTK), choose your destination-image(s). 3. Integrate all updates from update-folder in follow order: (Will follow soon, look updates) Greez
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