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  1. Please, if you can, help me to find dupplicates/outdates. Or if you find any newer version which do superseding. After i collect some i clean and remake the pack.
  2. Done: -> http://www.wincert.net/forum/topic/12585-z3r07s-universal-usb-30-driver-pack-win7/
  3. Z3R07's NT6 USB 3.0 Driver Pack Update: I decided to delete my project. The reason is, it exist a much better and more up2date pack. I recommend to registrate and download DriverPackSolution: http://drp.su/download.htm Methode Install (HowTo): 1. Download and extract this useful tool: http://www.mediafire.com/download/resi18rkv626mfr/SAD3-130825.7z 2. Create folder D in NT6\x64 and extract the content of the DriverPack to the NT6\x64\D\ folder so that the folder heirarchy looks like this: \NT6\x64\D\*. 3. Start DP_Install_Tool.cmd and follow instructions. Greetings, Zer0
  4. No, all is deleted. But i found it now in a work folder for silent installer. Im going working on, next minuts i think i release it on Win7 Forum.
  5. At the moment you just need to use WHDownloader / WHD for download the repos and integrate all. Next time you will see a full turorial (includes the how to get FULL) on this thread: http://www.wincert.net/forum/topic/12571-project-win81-z3r07s-rog-edition/
  6. Oh, yea ur right. But uffs, have no more the old one/drivers offline. Can anybody upload a copy please? Then i can make a 7-only package.
  7. Hey Liam, It would be very awesome if WTK2.x have really more Win8.x generel support. More to remove and tweaking, more functions and legal hacks for Win8.x Thanks i advance! Greez
  8. Yea, i also very interested in general how to "convert" InstallPending into "Installed". That would be very awesome and i really need this - quickly... Greez
  9. Hey Liam, Important question, how its with Win8.1.1 support by AIO:Integrator Tweaks? It seems its not supported, its a bug or just not implementated? Why that? I mean its just reg-tweaks, they just need some few modifications or?! Hope for fast answer. Greez,
  10. Mhhh you mean both screens results because i was also removing the temps on the same time? Ah, maybe it can be the problem, maybe i used CCleaner on the same time, i don't know more.
  11. Yay, the second one exist same time as the other and probably caused by same reason, so i think its better to post here for extending the information. The Appcrash results suddenly also by integrating other updates,not just by integration the Win8.1-german-language-pack like the first time. Both screens/trouble no more exist since i remove manually the %system32%\Temp\WinToolKit folder, but why that, i have still no idea.
  12. Update: Ah, it seems i found the problem. After i remove manually the folder %system32%\Temp\WinToolKit it works fine now. But iv still no idea whats causing this annoying trouble...
  13. Newer test results its going on every update.. And something newer mystic crash-stuff: I think also anything is wrong with my system by the way... but dunno what its...
  14. [Placeholder] F.A.Q: Q: "For gamers? What a bugged crap, why i should use it?!" A: "Gamer Edition is just a name, it means the version has much improvements in performance." Q: "I dont trust you, where i can know the version is really malware and warez-free?" A: "I understand the doubt, but the version are tested and verified by members and AV-Systems." Q: "Includes this version really all updates they exist?" A: "Yes, the version use abbodi1406's famous update repository that focused on list really every update." (...)
  15. [Project] Win8.1 Z3R07's ROG Edition Beta [Placeholder] It will be created with NTLite (Licensed) and WinToolKit (v2). [WORKING! The thread is not finished yet!] Update: At the moment, the project is frozen. I need some time for personal reasons. I'm also trying some experiments on Win10. Introducing: Welcome to my new project to build a full customized version of Windows 8.1 (...) Features: Prepared Windows system with really all updates and all important F6 drivers integrated!Created with the newest and most professional tools for a stable and clean Image!Customized version for gamers, but still stable as well as malware and warez free!Much performance, security and usability tweaks for fast SSD and UEFI hardware!Unneeded and unpopular components like modern-ui apps are safely removed!Useful components as .NET 3.5 and other runtimes are preinstalled and ready!Use a modern basic black and red design in style of Republic Of Gamers!Full unattended install, cleaned root-folders and much more... Backup: Let's go! How to: Step 1# Preparing: For first you will need all used files ready: 1.1 Make sure you have a Windows 8.1 x64 image (pro or enterprise) on your work folder. You can download the evaluation version or copy from your DVD A useful guide for extract a full Win.8.1 install-image from upgrade-disk you can find here: 1.2 Download all updates from the amazing abbodi1406's repository You can use WinToolKit to get all windows 8.1 x64 updates. 1.3 Download the Zer0-SDK-Pack from here: Step 2# Upgrading: Step 3# Finishing: Finished: Now you are have a complete new Z3R07 ROG Edition! Just for me: info stuff, cover --- stufff lines, intro text Introducing: blah blah - Definition: blah blah - How To Lets go: Step 1 preparing Download Step 2 upgrading WTK step 3 finishing Iso make, usb stick http://www.computerbase.de/2014-10/alienware-alpha-kommt-mit-geforce-gtx-860m/ download stuff, cover, icon and all for first, a little clean up - optional driver packages, LP, keys 1. First need Install-image, copy dvd, guide for upgrade disks - legality? 2. WHD/Wh downloader get all updates 3. get drivers, other stuff 4. integration /customaze Z: Aktivision: take own, OEM/laptop print, buy Previous: http://www.wincert.net/forum/topic/12284-project-cleanup-images-win-781/?hl=%2Bfull+%2Bproject http://www.wincert.net/forum/topic/12055-project-full-office-20102013/?hl=%2Bfull+%2Bproject http://www.wincert.net/forum/topic/11709-project-full-updated-2014-iso/?hl=%2Bfull+%2Bproject Drivers: Chipset_DriverPack.7z https://mega.co.nz/#!fBhmxDoa!3vGoNjwjbsJwLTXJPGSdJ3p0xxNU9-iy97wHic6MOmw IRST_DriverPack.7z https://mega.co.nz/#!OYwQCBTC!kBRws0RkKelurOi9eq5YVN_XPlmjl04we-TmPao5J0o MassStorage_DriverPack.7z https://mega.co.nz/#!qZphiC6I!NHj5Sqfhpk8t-eInnNl15-xPMg9XSnCN-FCd85ErutQ USB3.0_DriverPack.7z https://mega.co.nz/#!XNRAkLQL!cvqpGb7uXklUhaPEpEI8aVchcYg1Hjvgs0mYoihLHMY own risk, tell if suggest/error credits, big thanks to all, forum, mods, special software daly use: cyberfox, foxit pdf, office 2010, comodo, kaspersky, skype, ccleaner + ccenhancer keepass, adobe ps, [Placeholder]
  16. Created by myself: [switchless] Microsoft Core XML Services 4.0 SP3 + 6.0 SP2 (ENG/GER) Includes: Microsoft Core XML Services 4.0 (SP3 integrated/x86 Only) Microsoft Core XML Services 6.0 (x86/x64/ia64/SDK [English Only]) Microsoft Core XML Services 6.0 SP2 (x86/x64/ia64) Greez
  17. @Abbodi1406 Where i can download up2date instructions.txts ? I can just download the updates but not the textfiles.
  18. Hehe yea, I know. But WHD 8.5 never show me updated instructsions.txts. :/
  19. Another ordering stuff: Iv read that additional (folder/updates) must placed after all other, and extra (folder/updates) after additional. Then the KB2938322 group: After integrating KB2919355 group and a Language-Pack you need to integrate a special KB2938322 update. Here you can read more: https://support.microsoft.com/kb/2938322/en (Example for German LP you need to integrate KB2938327) Greez
  20. Yea, Baseline folder: Instructions.txt Windows8.1-KB2934018-x64.msu Windows8.1-KB2959977-x64.msu Windows8.1-KB2966870-x64.msu Windows8.1-KB2975061-x64.msu RTM\InstructionsRTM.txt RTM\Windows8.1-KB2919355-x64.msu RTM\Windows8.1-KB2932046-x64.msu RTM\Windows8.1-KB2937592-x64.msu RTM\Windows8.1-KB2938439-x64.msu RTM\Windows8.1-KB2938772-x64.cab Instructions.txt ## Windows 8.1 Update (KB2919355) supplementary ## - The updates in this main category are intended for Ready Windows 8.1 with Update Systems/ISOs (released in April) - You need to install these updates first before other categories - These KB's must be installed in the following order: 1. KB2966870 2. KB2959977 3. KB2934018 - For more information on how to integrate update KB2966870 into install media: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2966870 - For more information or install issues: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2919355 http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-8/install-latest-update-windows-8-1 InstructionsRTM.txt ## Windows 8.1 Update (KB2919355) ## - The updates in this sub-category are intended for Windows 8.1 RTM Systems/ISOs - You need to install these updates first before other categories - KB2919442 is a prerequisite for Windows 8.1 Update and should be installed and ready before attempting to install KB2919355 - These KB's must be installed in the following order (including the updates in the main Baseline category): 1. KB2919442 (Prerequisite) 2. KB2966870 3. KB2919355 4. KB2932046 5. KB2959977 6. KB2937592 7. KB2938439 8. KB2934018 9. KB2938772 - For more information or install issues: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2919355 http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-8/install-latest-update-windows-8-1 - For more information on how to integrate update KB2966870 into install media: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2966870 Greez
  21. My packs include most of driverpacks.net-package,yes, - But also much more drivers. The driverpacks.net-package are very outdated and have no drivers for some devices. My packs are refilled with up2date drivers directly from manufactorys, other driverpacks as cobras and much more drivers i found. My packs are cleaned from uneeded stuff, all are compatible and the mosts are only for x64 and NT6.x and in different versions. I try my best to find all i can and perfectionate my packs. Greez
  22. Yea, The titlle say it, would be great to WTK can autodetect Update1 stuff The first-place updates in the right order to integrate and all. No more intructions.txt need and all works fine, u know. That would be cool. Greez
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