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  1. excuse me for my english, it's not what i say, but i want to remove the folders win and windows created with admin deploy that are inside the installer
  2. Thanks ricktendo you are the best, one other question plz, after removing vc++ runtime with insted from installer and before creating the cab file, can i remove the win and windows directory?
  3. Hello all. Plz can somebody make tutorial step by step for repacking adobe reader 11.0.02 after removing old vc++ runtime patching msp and applying mst. I tried many method but failed to make that. i'm desperate :no:
  4. Thank you ricktendo for your rapid response i'm very happy to meet you in this forum and others :doh:
  5. Hi ricktendo How to delete the old VC runtimes, any file/folder and regitry key using Adobe Customization Wizard or Insted?, because url tutorial that you give me not show this. thanks in advance.
  6. Hi ricktendo, First thanks.plz can you make a tutorial how do you Tweak msi installer step by step or redirect to an tutorial url :please: .
  7. Thanks rick for great work and excuse me for my bad english. i have one question: this repack installer work with msi switches or install shield switches ?when i installed it, it shows installshield windows. Thanks again
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