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  1. thank you x23, i hope if lego cant continues with wintoolkit, release the source, with the open source this program can be really big and great
  2. Some time has passed without news of wintoolkit, is lego out? first the version 1.5 has disappeared, then, the has not be updated anymore, whats happened?
  3. @legolash2o ok im just trying to help, great work, you are a genius
  4. hi legolash2o i use test 3 this morning, i read you want focus in "remove components", but the iso size still big, like 2,9 gb in x64
  5. hi lego, with this new version 1.4.21 i cant remove de Natural Language, the option to remove this is no more, and another one, when i remove a lot of things, the iso file still over 3gb, this is a bug or not?
  6. sorry friends, i from argentina, in my country its the same weight or size, but i mean size, thanks and sorry again
  7. hi legolash! windows defender please!! and when i remove de windoes speech, the iso have the same weight than the original whit windows speech, is a bug? and also i remove a lot of packages but dont affect so much the weight too
  8. i vote for removal too, if you wanna translate from english to spanish, i do the job! great work friend
  9. hi legolash2o, can you put more items in the remove option? like natural language (windows speech) paint, remote desk, etc? thanks!!
  10. could be great if we can remove the "natural language" (voice recognition) its 2gbs of weigth, please!!! thank you, your work with this tool is so great
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