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  1. Thanks for your hard work again ill try it out shortly
  2. Thanks for your efforts cant wait for next link
  3. That's what i was trying to get at is this able to be fixed or should i say is there a way around this and that's why it found xp and worked If not ill just have to either use mce sp2 or xp sp3 but if i could i would like to be able to use the addon if there is away around as i havent been able to slipstream sp3 to real mce and if you dl sp3 after install all patched theme files ect are obviously changed back to normal ms one Please advise as to what i can do thanks again
  4. Well nlite and integrator both pick it up as mce ver3 sp3 5512 but when i run patcher exe its does first run then says patching files in i386 then patching specific files for os then it just keeps going it ran through six times b4 i stopped it on last run im running it on xp sp3 now and see what happens all others including 1.0.10a work fine with exactly the same xpcd folder so ill let you know how xp goes Im not saying your program not working - well it not for me but im just putting my findings up so people can help Thanks as expected works fine on xp sp3
  5. The hash matches this time on exe didnt dl addon ill see if it works properly and if not ill see what maybe causing at my end thanks again So far no good I think it must be with the mce addon its not recognizing which os it is so it just keeps patching Ill give it a go on just xp and report back I would think it will work on xp but ill let you know
  6. thanks ill see if any thing happened in download Ill re download as my hash files don't match yours thanks for the info
  7. So no one else has had a problem with 1.0.10b2 not stopping when patching - not as addon ??? i re dl it and still having same problem maybe i getting some corruption in download all other versions working fine lol
  8. Thanks i am going to give this a run shortly I did remove but it was a much bigger resource you had then since 1.0.05 ?? its been much smaller and i haven't had a prob with it I also tried changing from default to Mkisofs in nlite that works too or if you dont use nlite ect i found CDimage worked too I really haven't had any problems other then the one i mentioned earlier the thing i like also is that i can change any of the resources to my own needs like winntbu, logonui ect and its all patched b4 making iso. Thanks ill let you know how it goes Not sure about anyone else but this version just don't want to stop lol it just keeps patching any one else tried this yet ??????????????
  9. no worries ill buy you a couple of beers lol :beerchug: I know its those little things that get to me too and just remember don't stress too much you r doing a great job and looks like you got plenty of great brains here to help ill wait for update good luck
  10. Good to see you have a sense of humour and good work
  11. Well actually i have my own legit xp lol and added sp3 also got my own copy of msdn legit too but where i download and what i download is of no concern of yours I am just trying to make a nice copy of mce for myself and actually am a supporter of the work you are doing here so if i were you i would keep the smart ass comments to your self considering you know nothing about me or what i do. Thanks for your help
  12. Ok thanks ill have to try and sort something out, I have tried using sp0 and integrating also with msdn sp3 already integrated as I said with just xp i have no problem with this only with mce addon and only after reboot ill try without net framework 3.5 and see if that is doing it as its the only thing i run at run once stage Thanks again for your help
  13. Just wondering if someone can help? I have been using this fantastic little program and love it but when i use it on media center ( xp pro with mce addon) in the system properties and about windows dialogue after first reboot they say service pack 3 version 5508 i know I am using 5512. Prior to first reboot both just sp3 its only after I restart PC this changes. I have used on plenty of xp I have made and the dialogue is correct sp3 5512. Just wondering if anyone can help with this. I know its only a minor thing but it annoys the crap out of me. Thanks in advance
  14. Thank you i've been wanting to try this :thumbsup_anim: And i would like to say thanks to you guys who are doing such a great job with this project as well :beerchug: bober i worked out what i was doing i had downloaded the addon and extracted it instead of the exe file which is why it was automatically running As for any iso problems i've been using CD image GUI to make iso and if i remove user32 .dll i have no problems with it working Thanks again
  15. amnesia how do you install this winstyle as it not recognised as an addon by nlite or integrator any help would be appreciated
  16. any idea on when english version out looks fantastic
  17. I keep getting this error with last 2 versions previous one work perfect but not last 2 for me I have ran from desktop and c:\ drive any suggestion as to what i may be doing wrong
  18. ok thanks cause every time i open it it extracts and starts process immediately ill see what i am doing wrong
  19. It would be good to be able to select working dir like you could in viso other then that i've had no problems nice job
  20. Well done just keeps getting better :thumbsup_anim: :thumbsup_anim: :thumbsup_anim:
  21. link to build 3300 coming up with error while getting dl ticket any pointers thanks
  22. i had this problem too so i run nlite on sp2 which i run in vmware on vista ultimate works well just a bit of mucking around transfering files , but a man got to do what a mans got to do works for me :thumbsup_anim:
  23. Dave3737


    just like to say a quick hello to every one this site is so coll heaps of useful information to keep my little brain ticking hope to see you around and thanks to all the smart people for sharing their info and hard work with all us newbs thanks :thumbsup_anim:
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