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  1. I've found a weird XP Mode bug. I can install it (and even install apps) just fine, but it only runs after the intial setup. Under the Windows Virtual PC folder under the Start Menu, it just says (empty), unless I have apps installed. Virtual PC is missing, as well as the XP Mode shortcuts that should be listed there. I cant even open the VM directly from the VHD files. Any body else seen this, or have a suggestion? SOLVED - I upgraded from Vista with Virtual PC 2007 installed. I uninstalled it with a third party uninstaller (VPC 2007 dosent work on 7). It wiped out my start menu shortcuts. XP Mode actually installed fine, I just needed to manually replace my start menu shortcuts.
  2. W7T alpha crashes every time I try to d/l office 2007 updates.....
  3. I think I found the answer here: http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/w7itprosecurity/thread/ccf3b6ef-1321-46bc-95ae-03e534b5ae5c It appears that a group policy setting is created during a vista to 7 upgrade. It constantly turns UAC back on. Weird. This is the specific file: C:\Windows\System32\GroupPolicy\Machine\Registry.pol I renamed it to .bak, and I will report back when I'm sure that's the fix. EDIT: That seems to have done the trick.
  4. I cant manage to keep UAC off. No matter how many times I turn UAC off and reboot, in a few hours it turns itself back on to Always Notify. Anybody else having this problem? Any suggestions?
  5. just installed this on my MCE box via the inf installers. upon reboot, i lost ALL keyboard and mouse support, both PS2 and USB. I'm having to reinstall now, because with no input, I cant even do a system restore. I understand that this was a nLite addon, and installing via .inf probably isnt recomended, but I thought I'd share my results......
  6. wow, just wow if any wants a dx10 addon, PM me, and i'll gladly make it for you.....
  7. no offense, but you seem to be very oppininated over something you havent tried... and thats not the original source for the project, links can be found anywhere... i totally agree that dx10 is not superior to dx9 in anyway. but i would hardly call dx an important windows component. and funny how on that same page, they link to the alky project libraries/runtimes. actually, my friends and i, have tested dx10 against dx9 on my website (holy sh**, with comparison screenshots). the visible differences are slight at best, but the main noticable effect of dx10 is an fps boost of ~10 fps. this isnt enough to convince me to use it, but let the gamers decide for themselves....
  8. yeah that is strange. the only thing i could think of, was that your uid's were over 16 charcters, which probably has nothing to do it with it...... fix that w2k prob?
  9. "written by a guy who poisons bittorrent networks with ratio cheating clients " just wondering where you got this info... and how is this much different from wanting the sidebar on XP?
  10. an easier way: delete the original bliss.jpg rename your default wallpaper to bliss.jpg
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