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  1. I get an error at RapidShare saying you have reached your 10 downloads limit for the file... :ranting:
  2. WindowsXP with Vista Black WindowBlinds theme, CursorFX, Ricks' Sidebar, Object Dock, custom wall and icons.
  3. not able to edit my post for some reason...here is info to enable Aero... To display Aero effects such as transparency in Windows 7, follow these steps: 1. Make sure that Windows Experience Index has been calculated and computed. 2. Click on Start menu. 3. Type the following text into the Start Search box: Aero 4. Click on a search result listing under Control Panel group that named as the following: Find and fix problems with transparency and other visual effects 6. Trick: If you don
  4. No kidding...part of the Aero features that you are speaking of is the ability to grab a titlebar and toss to one side or the other and it changes to fit the height of the screen, grab and toss to the top and it will maximize. If you have multiple windows open on the desktop and grab one and shake it, all others will minimize. This is part of the Aero peek and there is a setting to enable it on the taskbar props, with show desktop using the small button on right end of the taskbar....
  5. open up five or six windows on the desktop, grab one by the title bar and shake left and right vigorously...
  6. I have to vote for wolfcall...he spent the most time customizing. :worthy:
  7. Happy New Year to all, may you and your family have a fruitious 2009. :icon_cool:
  8. Windows 7, build 7000...having a little fun with photoshop, the small fish is my cursor using CursorFX. :icon_cool:
  9. I really like 6956...no problems here...
  10. Windows 7 build 6801 with Superbar enabled... :thumbsup_anim:
  11. Here is a sidebar gadget that we use for the purposes you mention....http://thehobbylounge.com/forum/index.php?...msg6693#msg6693
  12. thnx for the bd wishes guys, glad to see you are all busy here....
  13. August is hot in Texas. Ruby is HOt everywhere...especially on my desktop.
  14. A little custom mod to start out July...
  15. So surprised to only see four shots in this thread, and the month nearly gone...
  16. Ok, had too much coffee, got a little carried away...any skinners here interested in gadget skins?
  17. Red and Black, XP with WB, CursorFX, OD with modded black-light background, Alky, Windows Sidebar Styler/NeonRed skin...all gadgets from the Hobby Lounge.
  18. Mostly dark themes lately...wall created with paint.net. XP with VTP. @ Sull All of my gadgets are from the Hobby Lounge, just clik my sig. :icon_cool:
  19. Dark, mid-January wall, XP with WindowBlinds 'Molten' theme, and OD and CursorXP. fullsize
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