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  1. This is actually the same bug as the porblem with the reg files not importing (there is already a thread on this). The Addon files, for some AddOns at least (such as 7zip), will be copied across, but without the reg files being added the AddOn appears to not be present.
  2. Hi, I'm also a blind computer user and have noticed this problem (we should start a club, he he). The problem seems to be for all reg files, those added in tweaks (but the built in tweaks work, just not if you add a reg file to the tweaks section), and reg files in any addons don't get processed either (e.g. so with the 7-zip addon 7zip will install, but won't get added to the context menu or anything as an example). This is with version of wintoolkit. Not sure if this is also a bug or not, but didn't the wintoolkit silent installer also reboot windows when it had finished, as it just carries onto the windows desktop now.
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