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  1. I saw Classic Shell talked about on reddit, so that's the one I got. It's everything I wanted (win7 style with decent customization). I don't feel like it's necessary to integrate it into the win8 installation, but if you really wanted to I think you could do it with any of them via "silent install".
  2. Ok, I got it to boot with the RMPrepUSB_Portable tool's "boot as HDD" option. @Mr_Smartepants if you would have read my posts you would see that wasn't the case.
  3. Hmm, I have xp installed on another partition and under xp the drive showed up properly under the disk management and I was able to format it there. I copied over my finished win7 install onto the drive but it's not bootable so I guess I'll have to find some other way of making it bootable. If the original error that I got when trying to use WinCert's USB boot tool has to do with win7 or 64 bit there should be a warning. Not everyone might be as lucky to have an xp partition handy. I guess I'll just stick to installing Windows7-USB-DVD-tool to make my USB bootable.
  4. damn.. that program doesn't even detect the drive ._.
  5. I can't copy any files to the drive. When I plug in the flash drive I get a popup saying that the drive needs to be formatted before it can be used. Most of the time I can't format it (gives errors - cannot format this drive), but even when I'm able to I still can't copy any files to the drive. I get the error "file or directory is corrupted and unreadable". I can't even run chkdsk on the drive. I've tried a number of programs to fix the drive: flash_repair 2.0, testdisk 6.14, icaredrs from here: http://freeware-fix.blogspot.com/2013/02/pen-drive-unreadable.html WinToolKit's USB boot prep reads the drive as RAW format, 1 partition, correct size, bootable false, status OK. Running it through the Quick or Full(format) options don't seem to change anything.
  6. Hmm, ok thanks. I was unsure what he meant with that, and I'm still a little confused - for example: the first cab file Windows6.1-KB2023591-x64.cab, when I open it there are 4 files inside, 2 of the files are found in a sub folder of the extracted installation disk: Win7 x64 ultimate +SP1\support\migwiz but the other two exe files are found nowhere on the installation disk. I guess I just put all 4 files into the \support\migwiz subfolder? Usually when you make extractions like this the files inside the compressed folder will be in the subfolders they're supposed to go into(eg: the 4 files in the .cab would be in subfolders with the same names - \support\migwiz, so I'm not quite sure.
  7. I read this whole thread but I didn't see anyone say what to do about the 3 .cab files from solor's update pack that get an error when you try to add them. Also, what is LDR-QFE?
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