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  1. Hi Kamrul, do you have a copy of "PintoStartMenu_ROE.exe" ? Or could you share some tips on how to customize the start menu shortcuts?
  2. myselfidem thanks so much for your tutorials, I learned so much!!! I have made an unattended setup, but it's sort of a hybrid, because I can only edit the config.xml up to the pre-made example you uploaded (if I add more code, I corrupt it somehow ),and after that, rely on the custom.MSP I make with "Office Customization Tool" to install the updates I get with "CollectUpdates.vbs", and remove the programs I don't want. Doing that, and using your tools, I can make an Office12.exe that uses my own key, name, and installs updates, and removes the programs I don't want, I can even add that to a SVCPACK, and make an addon. However, I wish to only rely on my own config.xml file without using a custom.msp, but everytime I add more code, I corrupt it somehow... For this, I use an original Office 2007 Enterprise ISO VL (Volume license) UNTOUCHED, and ready to be edited. I use a virtual machine where I update ALL updates post SP3, and move them to my updates folders to make this setup. I tried editing the original config.xml that comes in the ISO, or also, edit the example config.xml you uploaded, and replace the original config.xml. I tried saving the config.xml as ANSI, UTF-8, and UTF-8 with signature, but I corrupt it with all of them somehow, I think the error lies in the code I add. I wish to add code to remove Groove, Access, Onenote, and Outlook, here's my code: Again, If I only edit up to "Company name" and nothing more, it installs fine, without errors, so I think my mistake is in the extra code.
  3. I think I found the problem, I don't know how I did it, but I did it, lol. First, I opened the file and saw "Entries_Themes.txt", so I changed it to .INI, and Encoding 8. Not sure if this was the problem because the Themes.exe was still corrupt. So then I used 7ZSplit.exe to split the addon, decompress/unzip Themes.exe, and re-exe it again, re-make the addon, and this time it seemed to work. https://mega.co.nz/#!RpVjWJ7Y!elpS9mTNrME8T_aHSJ7i9j2RZUJNIELnZg-W7xu3LQY File: Kels_Ultimate_VS_Pack_addon_v1.2.7z CRC-32: 18a6e743 MD4: 1f5b6fe775b9e7a635e84f9d29396166 MD5: b4aa08cd477d30d189845d5c1d552f60 SHA-1: f374bed0e538f23db7486c6be0b031ad14dcbb00 If someone can test it, and confirm, that'd be great!!! PS: uxtheme.dll has always been patched during all these tests.
  4. Thanks for that explanation! It was a mistake on my part. The addon works fine in an unnattended setup ran as a virtual machine in VMware, however, when I port the setup to a USB drive using WinSetupFromUSB, the files are re-arranged, and the error not finding "TeamViewerFree8016642Si.exe" occurs AFTER the XP Gui finishes and right before the desktop loads, and the addon never installs. However, all the other addons (SVCPACK with entries.ini) install fine. I though about editing the .ini file and change: "I386\SVCPACK.INF,SetupHotfixesToRun,AddProgram", but that wouldn't make sense, since all the other addons .ini files are set up like that as well. This is not a big deal, but I thought maybe you'd like the report.
  5. Sorry for the noob question, but what's RunOnceEx? And can this addon be added to nLite? I tried this with nLite and it seemed to install, but after T13, and after XP installed, there was a message saying it couldn't find "TeamViewerFree8016642Si" althought I remember seeing it inside the SVCPACK folder where it looked for it. All other addons I used installed fine, except for this one.
  6. Hola, reporto que el Addon Standard se instala en una carpeta en Ingles llamada "Program Files", en vez de instalarce en la carpeta de programas de XP en Español llamada "Archivos de Programa". Tube que abrirlo, y editar esta linea:
  7. Hi, I wish to report the link down at the moment, however, I got the file from somewhere else, and nLite will not accept it: Kels_Ultimate_VS_Pack_addon_v1.2.7z MD5: c89c56f2570c1885c624e0dbf2febfd8 Maybe it's an outdated copy. The Addon will not add onto nLite, and when extracted manually and ran Themes.exe, the extraction always failed, however, they do extract onto Themes, but are not shown under 'Properties' in desktop. MD5 checked. Some of the themes are beatiful PS: uxtheme.dll has always been patched during all these tests.
  8. I love you, in a non sexual way. I've been to that page a thousands times for the first post before and never bothered reading the comments. It was under my nose the whole time. All I had to do was edit the RUNwpi.cmd file to point it to the WPI.exe manually, and move the WPI folder to wherever as long as is in the same hierarchy with the i386 folder. It worked with WinSetupFromUSB as well.
  9. Hello! I learned how to use WPI with swtiches, and custom make unnattended XP's with silent addons, and DPsbase, and all that good stuff to create a working ISO to use with VMware Workstation or CD/DVD, however things go south when trying to boot off a USB drive. I can only create an unnattended XP through WinSetupFromUSB (did a lot of research), and install them succesfully, but when I add the WPI folder, I can't get it to work. This is my regular working setup unnattended, and with WPI, working fine: When WinSetupFromUSB finishes porting my XP Setup into my USB drive, the files look like this: WinsetupFromUSB somehow erased my WPI folder but kept the "$OEM$" inside that "$WIN_NT$.~LS" folder, so I figured just re-add my WPI folder inside that "$WIN_NT$.~LS", but that did't work, and I get a message saying WPI.exe could not be found. How should I setup WPI here?
  10. Reporto que a version crea un error "2214" durante su instalacion en T13, perdon por no poder tomar captura.
  11. Hi Rick, all links from your website are offline, just letting you know. Thanks!
  12. HEllo, I was able to edit iTunes11CustomPref.ini by extracting the cab file, however, I don't know how to re-zip it into a cab, so, will re-zipping it into a .zip file work anyway? Sorry for noob question!!! (I though about just changing the extension to .cab as well) Edit: Nevermind, it worked fine as 7z. Althought 7zip didn't let me edit iTunes11CustomPref.ini so I had to do it with Winrar, and then, zip it.
  13. Hola Rick, los enlaces de "can't find the server at ricktendo.cesidian.info" estan caidos en este momento 12 pm Easter Time.
  14. Gracias por este aporte. El enlace para version 7 update 15 esta caido en "http://ricktendo.cesidian.info" Server not found
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