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  1. Yes ... i will add this option in a future version of SFXMaker so it will allow you to create addons for nLite. Btw, 1.0 Beta is out, check out iSoft Official WebPage.
  2. Thanks. Please join iSoft Official Forums if you want to be kept updated with the latest news.
  3. SFXMaker is a tool used to create switchless installers. Perfect for your unattended needs, you might say. 0.9 Beta. The long awaited Directory compression and the ability to create an installer for an entire directory is here. Some more features have been implemented and some bug fixes. Let's see how it works . However, Italian has no been added because some strings were change and added . Still waiting for translations. Features -Supports *.exe, *.msi, *.bat and *.cmd; -Supports directory compression and ability to create an installer for an entire directory -Switchless Installer changeable icon; Supports PNG, GIF and ICO and executable itselfs icon -Switchless Installer with/without GUI; -Silent Switches finder; -Very fast. Download SFXMaker 0.9 Beta Installer Download SFXMaker 0.9 Beta Zip Archive Softpedia Mirror Changelog 05.09.2008 - 0.9 Beta -Added PNG and GIF support for icons. Now you can use these formats for SFX Installer Icon -Added Tray Menu -Added option to create a switchless installer for an entire directory -Updated 7-Zip to 4.60 -Fixed bug when a Batch file was selected firstly. In this case, some control were enabled, but had no functionality -Fixed bug in the Update Checker when no internet connectivity was available. In this case, SFXMaker was crashing -Fixed bug when selecting "Use EXEs Icon" 16.08.2008 - 0.8 Beta -Added Transparency to GUI while moving it -Added Update Checker -Added multi-language support -Added About GUI -Added Settings Tab -Updated 7-Zip to 4.59 -Removed logo_.jpg from gfx directory. -Some improvements in the silent switches finder engine -Rewritten code. Faster, smarter and bug free (hope so) -Fixed bug in installer. It was not overwriting new files -Fixed bug in silent switches finder engine. When ExeInfoPE was not determinating installer type, it was returning 0. -Fixed bug when initial installer path was typed. In this case, check for switches button was still disabled 28.07.2008 - 0.7 Final -Some small bug-fixes -A bit ofimprovement and rewritten code -Added option to use icon from the initial installer 18.07.2008 - 0.7 RC1 -Updated Firefox 3 detection to Firefoc 3.0.1. -Removed multiple files support. It was too unstable and unusual, since there will be aded support for an entire directory -Fixed bug when "X" was pressed and SFXMaker was not responding -Fixed bug when installer path was introduced from keyboard. In this case, switches controls were still disabled -Fixed WMP11 detection bug. Now it works 08.07.2008 - 0.7 Beta -Added support for multiple files. Now, multiple files can be included in the installer, that can be ran through a batch file. SFXMaker will automatically pick the Batch file. Multiple Batch files are not supported yet -Added support for Batch files (.bat and .cmd) -Added IE7, WMP11 and Firefox 3 detection -Now switches controls are initially disabled -Some improvements when compiling executable -Fixed bug when ".exe" string was not specified when saving the new file. In that case, SFXMaker was crashing -Fixed some misspeled strings in Message Boxes -Fixed bug when plugins folder was missing. In this case, SFXMaker started to behave strangly -Fixed bug when no switches were found. It wasn't showing any Dialog, like in previous version 24.06.2008 - 0.6 Beta -Added posibility to make SFX Installer with or without GUI/Progress -Added .msi support -Added ExePeInf.exe, which replaces PEiD.exe -Updated 7zS.sfx to the latest version ( 4.58 ) -Removed PEiD.exe because it was outdated -Fixed bug when compiling the new executable and that executable already exists -Fixed bug when updating progress -Fixed bug when creating installer, but no switches specified. -Fixed bug in switches finder engine 19.06.2008 - 0.5 Beta -initial release Enjoy ! Comments and criticisms are welcomed
  4. Yes ! I think you didn't understood me after all. I want the "clean" wallpapers. Not even with "Windows XP Professional" or "Windows XP Home Edition" text. I hope you get to me now
  5. No, i meant the backgrounds with no text on them. So i can use them as wallpaper
  6. And one more thing, if you don't mind . Can i/we have these nice backgrounds ?
  7. Very awesome . I will surely use them. Thanks !
  8. it would be nice if we would have a CPL addon too
  9. Is there possible a silent installer for the sidebar ?
  10. Hi Rick, What about this one ? http://blingboy31.deviantart.com/art/Windo...BETA-2-58493210
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