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  1. KB2726535 is superseded by KB2768486 & KB2905454 The IE11 prerequisites components of KB2726535 is superseded by KB2768486, and KB2905454 completes the supersedence so, KB2768486 becomes the new prerequisite instead of KB2533623 & KB2731771 BTW, those KB article are not accurate, if you want to see the actual or complete list of prerequisites check SETUPDOWNLOADLIST.txt that is included with IE11.exe package (after you extract it)
  2. Yes, it's only have one hotfix KB2908383 the reason i don't list it, because it was not released as separete patch or hotfix, but microsoft released it as new .NET 4.5.1 full installer
  3. No problem and thanks to @bphlpt for clarifing things up
  4. That's not an update either :gleam: it's the same .NET 4.5.1 install package, but now they publish it officially and to Windows Update Client
  5. yes that is the big picture, but detailing the process will be difficult
  6. sorry i don't have any time currently I will update it next month
  7. I Know and what i posted is the basic steps the full instructions is hard to explain in plain words
  8. Hello - get an application that monitors other program install and reports the changes in Files and Registry (like total uninstall, Perfect uninstaller, etc..) - do a fresh Win 7 install - install and run the monitor application - install ricktendo rebuilt package - get the changes report (total uninstall offer the registry changes in a .reg file) - nevertheless, the .reg file will require some modifications to make it appropriate.
  9. thanks ricktendo for your Contribution and yes, OnePiece has a true addon but for .net 4.0 Sydnelson, use ricktendo suggestion and add the created lang pack as silent installer addon
  10. It Likes it on my side verify your download hash or test adding the addon alone.
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