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  1. KB4076492 does not have new update, it still bundles KB4054981 i do not have this issue on en-us Windows 7 but i will check again and see, if so, i'll add KB4074880 one thing to check, do you have QualityCompat registry key set? all updates since January 2018 will not be recognized or detected by WU without it, including .NET rollup
  2. They must have changed something in WU detection because when i created the addon, i test it and WU did not offer any .NET 4 update did you installed KB4019990?
  3. Thanks for the SFXs there is a problem with KB4055002 for .NET 4.7.1, where it replace inbox 4.7.2558.0 files with 4.7.2117.0 files https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/dotnet/2018/01/09/net-framework-january-2018-security-and-quality-rollup/#comments i see you managed to exclude almost all the older files in your repack but you missed \v4.0.30319\WPF\Fonts\GlobalUserInterface.CompositeFont you need to restore the one from .NET 4.7.1 manually (dated 2017-07-12) also, there is a reliability companion .NET 4.7.1 update KB4054852 (it's not included or related to KB405500) it's ditributed with KB4033342 in catalog Regards.
  4. Latest .NET rollups do not replace *all*components in previous rollups meaning, each new rollup contain new components or new version of existing components + the components that did not change in CBS mechanism rules, the *shared* components makes previous rollup only partially superseded, thus not removed by DeepClean Windows Monthly Rollups have the same case, but these are linked together by CBS package name Package_for_RollupFix which makes previous rollups always superseded, regardless the components
  5. Updated i'm aware of the issue in KB4055002, the addon have the correct files and the issue should not occur
  6. current Wintoolkit addon mechanism can't handle 2005/2008 https://www.wincert.net/forum/index.php?/topic/12624-obsolete-microsoft-visual-c-redistributable-packages/&do=findComment&comment=117558
  7. Added .NET 4.7.1 LangPacks Addons be sure to integrate them after main addon
  8. Why do you need them, if i may ask? those addons do not correctly handle MOFs and performance counters besides, all 4.6 or 4.6.1 or 4.6.2 versions get the same update targeted for 4.7, which basically transform your version to 4.7 inadvertently so it's better to have full 4.7 or the older 4.5.2 which is still separate
  9. Yes, but i got busy a little bit if they don't release new updatethis tuesday, i will update the addon with KB4043766
  10. Win 10 1703 already have DNF 4.7 likewise next 1709 will have DNF 4.7.1, while 1607 and 1703 will get it from WU
  11. Correct, the full size is only shown in WU interface the actual downloaded size is only update metadata express.cab + the updated components for WMF (downloaded in differential delta size) KB4025341 contain updated components for all WMF versions: 3.0/4.0/5.1 side note, why are you using v3.0.?
  12. Reworked .NET 4.7 addon: - Implemented a workaround for auto MOFs compiling, no script required (thanks to @MSMG) - NativeImages are now generated after OS installation, this allows to have fresh images that suits the OS features, and reduce the addone size)
  13. Hi regarding KB3210131 and few other .NET 3.5.1 updates https://forums.mydigitallife.info/threads/windows-7-hotfix-repository.19461/page-501#post-1346510 3032655, 3096436, 3142024 are not needed at all 3210131 is needed only without CR KB3125574 method
  14. added .NET 4.7 removed .NET 4.6.2 updated .NET 4.6.1
  15. All .NET 4.6.x Rollups are cumulative, last one relace them all this applies to MSI version (Windows 7) Windows 8.1 MSU has a different behavior
  16. Name: dotNetFx_AIO_x86_20170412.exe Size: 68222035 bytes (65 MB) SHA1: 72E6800C3FE119D32380323C61CE84739CAF4FEF SHA256: 6A64C00E69FC846810ECE96A10E7AE7AA673852AF29A8FC040E44A3D69D32FAF http://sendit.cloud/k5eoou3bi8f3 http://www.mirrorcreator.com/files/0RCGOXPA/
  17. Sorry, i never experienced such issue, and the log does not list any related error i'll do a test install with updated image to see
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