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  1. Omnimo - Windows Phone 7 UI on your Desktop! DOWNLOAD AND MORE INFO You can find feature descriptions and a screenshots gallery as well as a video demo on your website: http://omnimo.co.cc/ Comments are welcome!
  2. Aero Ultimate RC2 refresh (Topic update) Download and info Comments are welcome!
  3. DOWNLOAD Gavatx released a new version of his Rainbar. The V4.3 version includes the awesome and easy installer created by Legace and many great updates to the sidebar. If you are using Windows Sidebar RTM, you'll be happy to know that Rainbar takes VERY little RAM which results more performance to your computer! It has all basic gadgets needed for desktop plus some extra ones. Most gadgets have customizable settings and skins, so you can make them look just like you want them! Even the sidebar itself has plenty of popular skins to chose! The sidebar and gadgets look almost perfectly like in Sidebar RTM featuring a glass gallery like in vista! Check out this new new version of it, I'm sure you'll be impressed! Comments are welcome!
  4. lol I'm totally new to this stuff, but it sounds pretty neat!
  5. Awesome! Beats VTP8 Can this patch be included in a Windows XP ISO?
  6. They did it on vista, which has totally rewritten shell. This doesn't look possible on XP. Even if it is - it's very hard to make it. Because I reshakced shell32.dll's dialogs and no links for a frame icon for this dialog.
  7. Excellent work! Finally got those vista apps working!!!! Edit: I spoke too soon, Vista Paint placed in system32 folder as a replacement doesn't open any images, you have to drag and drop them...
  8. I finally got those apps working, but there is a bug in paint. When long ago it worked under vaio, if you click close, instead of the dialog "Save Yes, No ,Cancel" it used to open the save as... dialog. But now It just crashes when closing it. The reason for crash is vcomctl32.dll Is there any way to fix it?
  9. Thanks Rick! btw does anyone know what happened to that site?
  10. Windows Live Calendar http://patternjake.deviantart.com/art/Wind...lender-73249935 Internet connection required.
  11. The site of alky for applications doesn't work anymore, either it shows 404 or tries to download a trojan. Any mirrors to alky 1.0?
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