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  1. hi thiersee when selecting all context tweaks together it still errors out,also change background image still errors out.any ideas it used to work fine before
  2. hi lego just to inform you tweaks are no longer working in latest version 1.5.43 select change logon background and it doesn,t ask for file,and context menu tweaks cause it to error out.
  3. converting esd to wim and windows toolkit works but you have to insert hotfix kb29977 or similar before before kb800050.or it wont work.also when you try to activate windows it ill tell you windows cant activate call microsoft.it will fail and ou have to speak to Microsoft person,who eventually will activate for you.
  4. @aboddi1406 it is a intall.esd but on winreducer website there is a tool called esd to wim converter tool.therefor you can have a wim too takes a while in convertion though.not sure if its legit though. having trouble making a link on this site.anyway look up wimreducerwimconverter.it converts wim to esd and vice versa. have fun
  5. hi guys just found this on askvg.com its Microsoft official windows 8.1 update 1 download tool.100% legit from Microsoft. enjoy :dancing: it allows you to create iso image or usb flash drive.also 5 versions of windows 8.1.
  6. hi lego would it be possible for the toolkit to be able to put windows download updater baseline hotfixes into the correct install order. woops forgot to say thankyou
  7. its just the way the world has become compstuff. developers should get paid im all for that.its that damn licensing policy which is crazy 1 year subscription.they charge a lot for something that will be useless after the 1 year period.then if you like it you have to repay and before you know it its costing hundreds of thousands of pounds.its a good job Microsoft doesn't use this policy we will all be screwed.
  8. all for free and pro version.however pro version will attract pirates that cant afford if priced to high.happens a lot with free and pro version software especially.and before anyone asks I purchase everything legitametly.i think free version should contain the basics and the pro version the more advanced tools.
  9. use latest version of wintoolkit and install in correct order then no more issue I myself have done this and can confirm there is no errors.
  10. hi guys here is a great tool for helping to update an offline image and have it fully patched just like the old autopatcher.http://download.wsusoffline.net/wsusoffline82.zip.it also has all office updates.the credit goes to heise security for creating an offline patcher tool.and it works brilliantly been using it for years.
  11. ok windows toolkit is not dead.liam did say in another post that he wouldn't be releasing updates as often as before.due to him concentration on bug fixes and code changes.also he is very busy at university and his studies must come first and foremost.he is using wintoolkit as his subject at university so it will remain as an updated toolkit.as for mcrip servers some script kiddie decided to hack his servers that is why we all being shown the finger as he is understandably pissed right now.its always a small minority that ruins it for the majority.and most of all remember that liam does not charge for his time or coding he is but one man trying to help thousand accomplish their goals with the use of his toolkit.be patient good things will follow. you can also download hotfixes direct from www.thehotfixshare.net. its not ideal but it has all up to date hotfixes.
  12. also very very bizarre I installed my windows 8 pro upgrade as clean install and it activated.only when I installed media centre did it say I needed to install another windows version first
  13. windows 8 pro upgrade disk does not include install.wim it actually includes install.exe.apparantly only windows 8 pro systembuilder is the actual full edition,as that is the only one capable of a full clean install on a new hardrive.there is a lawsuit filed against Microsoft for not specifying this on their retail boxes.
  14. it has integrating issues m8.iused another program and all 377 hotfixes were integrated m8.
  15. i dont have ssd i have 2 samsung f1 one for system and one for modding.i use modding drive for wintoolkit.
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