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  1. Hello, what is the good way to make one two-tier iso (32 bits + 64 bits) of Windows 8.1? If I make at first the iso, I cannot modify her(it) any more with wintoolkit, which cannot work any more one install.wim If I modify at first my 2 iso and what I make then " all-in-one disk creator ", my iso does not work (unable to find d:install.wim). Has anybody already made it with success?
  2. Good afternoon, ???? now, it works ????? Thanks
  3. Hello, I am French. I manage to create an iso with one win8.1 64, which works. But with a version 32 bits, Iso is not made. Iso maker cancelled http://586683.1fichier.com/
  4. Hi, http://www.wincert.net/forum/topic/11337-how-add-folder/ 90 views 0 replie ... I think it's not possible.
  5. Hello, In Advanced, Files I add files to %SystemDrive%\Installation perfectly but is it possible to add Folders ? :g:
  6. Good morning I'm french ... so I think that I am going to print and to translate before being able to make out a will(test). Thank you. I shall inform of the result(profit). Good day
  7. Sorry, i can't post image "You are not allowed to use that image extension on this community." I use gif... 1)test with http://dl.free.fr/deceGTle0 2)Results http://dl.free.fr/rhMDFzZZU A folder %userprofile% has been created, with Documents\test.doc inside... and test.doc is also in Vincent\Mes documents but the default user is now ... Vincent.Vincent-PC I think that i will put the files in Users\Vincent and move them after the first login. Thanks (thanx ?) to all Vincent.
  8. The path must begin by %systemdrive% or %systemroot% .... 1)test with http://dl.free.fr/iPSFKfv1M 2)Results in a few minutes
  9. Hello, 1)Links are working for me ??? 2)I'll try %USERPROFILE%\Documents\test.doc but i know result: test.doc in "users" and not in Vincent\Documents ... 3)I think i've tried %SystemDrive%\Users\Vincent\Mes documents\test.doc and the result ave been : test.doc in Vincent.000\Mes documents !!! 4)What is the format allowed for the image in this forum. I've tried .jpg and .png and it does'nt work.
  10. Good morning (?) So... test1 http://dl.free.fr/q6nawW5IU Result 1 http://dl.free.fr/tK9QAKooo The file test.txt is in the 2 folders: Administrateur and My documents, but not in the Documents of the user nedd during installation (Vincent). If i try "Administateur" during the installation, it's not allowed. I think Thiersee has right "will be not generated during install, only after the first log-on!" and it's impossible to put file into during install. I think %userprofile% make same result.
  11. Thanks to all. Il will try tomorrow morning. I've tried many things like : %userprofile%\Mes documents\test.doc and (%userprofile%\"Mes documents"\test.doc). The only thing who worked was : %SystemDrive%\Installation\test.doc ( The folder "Installation" is created). Good night?
  12. hello, Sorry, i'm French... I try to put files in " My documents ", with the tab " Advance " "Files" What is the syntax? I try : %SystemDrive%\%userprofile%\test.doc but the file is in C:\%userprofile% ! Thanks. Vincent.
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