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    Large Image Size

    I see. What would be the size of your customized Windows 8 image? It should not be larger than mine. I believe that the USB drive has to be made bootable, before the Windows image is copied to it. After Windows installation, is there a way to reverse the process of making the USB drive bootable? In other words, I want to make the USB drive normal again and use it for file storage.
  2. akf

    Large Image Size

    Guys, can anyone help me?
  3. I used Win Toolkit v1.4.1.14 to integrate drivers (210 MB) and Windows Updates into a Windows 8 Pro image (3.33 GB). Windows Update files (903 MB) are from McRip / PointZero Windows 8 Repository. I enabled LDR/QFE mode, and did not employ component removal in Win Toolkit. 1. The end result is an image file of 4.80 GB, much larger than a DVD. Is it normal to have a large image size? How should I tweak the setting, so that the image size is smaller than a DVD without using component removal? 2. I may have wrongly thought that All-In-One Integrator can be used to rebuild just one image. Then
  4. I hope that Windows 7 Toolkit can also remove fonts. The following text is a script I use to remove fonts, and it is originally from dead0 from MSFN forum. Thank you. Font Removal.txt
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