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  1. I'm going to try to set the switches with SFXMaker and after that integrate the silent installs with WinKit without adding the switches again. EDIT This method is working perfectly!
  2. I have set the '/y' switch, but still the installation isn't silent. Tested it on Windows 7 Ultimate x64 and x86
  3. Everything working fine now, except for one thing. My silent install for dotnetfx isn't working, the installation isn't silent and during the installation I get different errors. After the other silent installs are finished and the pc booted into Windows I can run the installation with silent command from CMD without any problems. How to fix this?
  4. Need to make a new installation, I think I corrupted my image. I hope I can try this new version this evening!
  5. Ok. Will include 4.3.3 on the same way I did with! Thanks!
  6. Think you didn't understand me. I checked the file version of W7TRunOnce.exe on my laptop (C:\Windows\System32) (which I installed with my USB-stick last week), the version of that file is Than I opened my USB-Stick (which contains the installation) and I mounted my installation (C:\W7T\Mount\Windows\Systems32), checked the W7TRunOnce.exe in that folder, which is showing me version So when I rebuild the image the new version should be included in my installation? Next question: Is 4.3.10 the newest RunOnce at the moment?
  7. I mounted my image with Windows 7 Toolkit build by Opening WIM Manager, location my USB-stick, clicking on Mount. The mounted system is saved to C:\W7T\Mount. I opened C:\W7T\Mount\Windows\System32 en check the file version for W7TRunOnce.exe, it's showing me Is this the newest version? Then I unmounted the image, so now version should be included in my USB-stick? When I open C:\Windows\System32 en check the file version for W7TRunOnce.exe, it's showing me this should mean a new version is added to my USB-Stick?
  8. Thanks will test it! Did you read my message on the previous page? With some silent installs windows is asking me if I'm sure to open the exe file. Something like this window is shown: So, the installation is not completely silent, first I need to click run before the installation continues. Can you do something about this?
  9. Yes, I know. But you said you changed RunOnce, to prevent windows from shutting down after the installation of my piece of software I can't talk about (if you know what I mean) was finished. But my PC rebooted after finishing that piece of software, after the reboot it was installing my silent installs (as it should), but that reboot in between shouldn't be there. I'll try to add the latest RunOnce.exe in my installation and I'll let you know!
  10. Just used my USB stick to reinstall my computer. Before the silent installs are starting, my pc rebooted. But this time in stead of skipping the silent install, they were installed after my pc rebooted. You now how to fix this? Can you provide us the new RunOnce maybe, so we don't need to remake the whole install?
  11. One thing. Not all 'silent installs' are completely silent. For some exe files Windows is asking if I'm sure to open them. Is there something I can do about this? EDIT: At the end of the silent install progres, I get a popup 'Runonce is about the restart your computer' with a countdown. But it doesn't restart my computer!
  12. Nice, Windows 7 Toolkit Installer 4.2.1 is running! It's installing all my silent installs. WORKING PERFECTLY!
  13. Right now I'm installing a fresh build on my laptop, created with W7T v1.4.0.7!
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