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  1. Should I check this on my laptop? If so, I have to wait untill tomorrow, because I left my laptop on my work.
  2. Used my USB-stick (without change the ATTRIB commands, so all the installation files are still hidden) to install Windows 7 x64 Ultimate in VMWare. In VMWare the silent installs are working. How could it be the same USB-stick is working in VMWare but not in my laptop?
  3. Can I open the silent installer directly from my USB-stick (when logged in into Windows), without the need to reinstall my whole system? I searched all the folders on my USB-stick already, but couldn't find anything.
  4. Yes it's in the root. Will try without the command in a few days and let you know!
  5. First I copied all the files inside the ISO file to my USB-stick, with the toolkit. Afterwards I changed the 'Apps' folder to a hidden folder with the ATTRIB +S +H command in CMD. Beside the things I described earlier, I didn't modify anything.
  6. I'm on my mobile phone, so I can't take a screenshot right now. But, I can tell you that there is an 'Apps' folder on the USB-stick, although I made it a system file so it's hidden. Also I placed other files on the USB-stick, which I need. Could it be that one of those two things is conflicting with my installation?
  7. Hello all, I created my own unattended DVD with the Windows 7 Toolkit. I created an ISO file and installed Windows 7 Ultimate x64 in VMWare (by booting the ISO file). The whole installed went fine! After the succesvol installation in VMWare I used the Windows 7 Toolkit to copy the installation on my USB-stick. But, installing Windows 7 Ultimate x64 on my laptop (via USB) the Silent Installs were not working. The screen which shows the progress on installing the silent installs didn't popup and my laptop booted directly to my desktop. In VMWare the above was working fine. How can I fix this? The silent installs which I integrated in the installation are: - dotNetFx40_Full_x86_x64_SlimSetup - Silverlight_x64 Thanks in advance! Edit With Windows 7 Toolkit v1.4.0 above problem is fixed! Thank you Legolash2o!
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