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  1. Credo mai con VC, tanti non ne sentono la necessità e comunque si possono integrare a parte, ma i .NET Fx li ho aggiornati al primo post; WU/MU non dovrebbe segnalare niente.
  2. Dear King George, I'm not going to copy the Silent .NET Maker synthesized project, for obvious reasons.
  3. Thanks. It depends by what you integrated. The ENU addon is fully updated and WU empty, the addonmaker is a bit less updated and localized versions are older so the WU shows the updates. I remember that you can always integrate the latest IE hotfixes with nLite after our IE8 to shut up WU. I remind you to compare filedates with changelog so you'll know what is inside the addon or which HFs the addon creator supports.
  4. Please, don't advice for new updates, especially not-public ones. OnePiece is supposed to monitor all the updates and I think this one won't be included because it would be certainly replaced by next cumulative update. Moreover OnePiece is busy and most of times including this kind of updates is useless ( someone thinks it could be dangerous too). P.S. THS guideline: Please do not link directly to the hotfix`s from other websites, links may become dead or out dated so it`s best to link to the homepage: http://thehotfixshare.net/
  5. Wincert is really cool!!!!

    1. Yza_K


      Y think same !

  6. If you can't create the addon, you should integrate this OnePiece IE8 WinXPSP3 AddOn ESN and update it using nLite and last cumulative and compatibility hotfixes (currently KB972260-IE8 & KB972636-IE8). Alternatively we encourage you to use Update Pack Latino which contains ie8 and many other well-done features
  7. I guess your antivirus doesn't let work the creator properly because of a false positive or maybe, if you are on Vista or Seven, you have not the system amministrator privileges. Try to create it in virtual machine.
  8. Are you sure you're using the addon creator? If so please redownload the file at the first post and redo the process, we have alredy tested it works, if not maybe you have found a version of the AIO creator, but we don't advice to use it to create ie addons. I attach two images on how to make it work properly. Before start Done!
  9. Vietanamese ie8 addon: OnePiece IE8 WinXPSP3 AddOn VIT Updated (August 08-2009) Hash MD5 084EA85FA195F15A7332675985BAF4C3 Filesize: 11.1 MB (11707691 byte) It' s untested but it should work fine anyway.
  10. Nothing. The AddonMaker, if it finds IE7-WindowsXP-x86-esn.exe and its hotfixes in the folder, creates in the same directory the folder OnePiece_IE7_WinXPSP3_AddOn_ESN and the addon OnePiece_IE7_WinXPSP3_AddOn_ESN.7z, that it is the file you should use.
  11. Those line in entries.ini are ok. If you have this problem maybe in your i386 folder that file is cabbed. It means that in your i386 folder there must be ieframe.mui (and not ieframe.mu_). You should solve the problem extracting the file or you'd better integrate the addon on a clean source. P.S: I guess OnePiece is going to release soon an update because of the new hotfix released today.
  12. My idea is: uninstall IE8 through its Windows Components Option and reinstall it through its standalone package
  13. A me non ha mai dato problemi visto che non l'ho mai usato.
  14. You are right, I'm wrong. OnePiece didn't notice me he fixed a minor problem for the ie7's addon's creation so he didn't want to bother me to update the hash even though he changed the uploaded file because ie8's addon's creation it's not involved. Now I'm going to fix the hash Edit: fixed
  15. New 1.3.1 release! The 15th of June we updated only the addonmaker and not the true addon. I don't know what happened but if there was been a change you'd been noticed, trust me.
  16. Probably because you don't have to worry about it. We are going to release always updated versions. But basicly you just extract the hotfix(es) with switch /X, take the files inside SP3QFE folder and replace inside the addon and adding the reg entries identifying the Hotfix and those taken in update_SP3QFE.inf inside IE.inf. That's it Nobody has ever had his pc infected by a virus, only warned by it, so do you trust people or machines?
  17. E io ancora dopo, come vedi ti do pieno supporto con i link diretti hr-host
  18. Added new Update for Internet Explorer 8 Compatibility View List for Windows XP (KB971180) P.S. just updated the new addon creator and first post.
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