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  1. Thank you. With February updates and QualityCompat registry key set - all OK.
  2. Hi! After integrate the "dotNetFx471_x64.W7.20180119.wa" I also get KB4041083 and KB4049016 in important. May be new update KB4076492 will help correct this error. Addon will be updated ?
  3. Hi, can we expect in the near future to update KB3205379 for .NET 4.6.2 ?
  4. Thanks for the answer. Do you plan to update your addon to the version that contains all updates released?
  5. Hi, can we expect in the near future to update KB3143693 ?
  6. Hi, update KB3136000 installed successfully, but when checking for updates WU wants to install it again and so constantly. Hide this update does not think it's right. You can still ask the addon update for this issue?
  7. Hi, when can we expect updated version of your addon?
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