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  1. @Thierse I can can confirm the extact bahavior with the 3 steps.. KB2952664 isn't installed but KB3150513 is asked... So should I decline it?
  2. @rhahgleuhargh abbodi told me at the NTlite forum that KB4095874 replace KB4054998 only for en-us systems, other languages like mine (german) still need KB4054998. So I added KB4054998 to my update integration list and did a VM install. Now KB3122648 & KB2973112 aren't requested anymore. Hopefully the next Security and Quality Rollup will fix that.
  3. @rhahgleuhargh I'm using your your update list for nearly two years now with NTLite and I had never big issues with it. As far as I know NTLite is sorting the updates automatically for integration. For example KB2533552 is put directly in the run-once section. This month there seems to be an issue with KB4095874 which makes WU asking for KB3122648 & KB2973112. Last month there were no problems...
  4. strange ..some days ago I was able to download 2018-05-08-Win7-Post-SP1 GDR-x64-MULTI without any problems.... now I get a 0 byte file..... my test with the new update list (I'm using NTLite) => KB3122648 & KB2973112 both net 3.5.1 are requested.....
  5. @rhahgleuhargh It happenend with afresh installation (classic method intergration) in my VM I added the KB2978120 together with KB4040980 on a second pass and this time everything was ok.
  6. Hi, is KB2978120 really replaced by KB4040980? Cause WU is still asking for it and the MS artice doesn't mention it....
  7. ok tried the multi - pass appraoch with NTlite => much better......only KB2813347 is still requested....
  8. ok thx for the explanation... was wondering about the new naming till now I will try try out the first pass thing and let nuhi know about it..... EDIT: Why has the RollUp HideW10 to suppress the net updates? Just a cosmetic thing for WU?
  9. Hi, I' using NTLite for integration and having some issues with the Convenience Rollup pack method.After downlading the updates with WUD I was able to intergrate them without any problems into an untouched Windows 7 SP1 ISO, but after installation WU demands 6 security updates (KB2813347, KB2912390, KB3035126, KB3078601, KB3109094, KB3110329). Does somebody know what is causing this issue? The classic method works without any problems.
  10. is this collection still maintained? cause the download isnt working for me .....
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