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  1. Not exactly waht I was looking for. (I tried that tool twice and It DID NOT work.) I was hoping that I could do it my self.
  2. All I need to know is how to extract contents and turn it into an addon. I don't want a tool to create an addon for me though. I have the offline installers (one for IE and the other for other browsers). Offtopic: (Note: Can someone who knows an Admin on RyanVM Froums tell them to reactivate my acc. [I changed acc settings that rendered my acc there inactive]) EDIT: I just relized I posted in the incorrect forum, sorry =(
  3. where can i find ie.inf, I can't find it. EDIT: I found it but It's not the original. It was modified in 2008 & by IE8. It can't be the IE6.
  4. Where can I get one or what files to I put under [obsolete_files] in my entries.ini file.
  5. Hello, I am new here. I have all updates for XP x64 SP2, but how do i make an Update Pack using these updates? I want to be the first to make a UP for XP x64.
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