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  1. I use the following batch file to take care of it. Works fine for me. :Security-Essentials ECHO>>"%LOGFILE%" ...................... ECHO Installing Microsoft Security Essentials & ECHO>>"%LOGFILE%" 2>>&1 Installing Microsoft Security Essentials IF "%ARCH%"=="64" ( %CDROM%\updates\MSSE\mseinstall-amd64fre-en-us.exe /s /q /o /runwgacheck >>"%LOGFILE%" 2>>&1 %CDROM%\updates\MSSE\mpam-fex64.exe -Q >>"%LOGFILE%" 2>>&1 ) ELSE ( %CDROM%\updates\MSSE\mseinstall-en-us-x86.exe /s /q /o /runwgacheck >>"%LOGFILE%" 2>>&1 %CDROM%\updates\MSSE\mpam-fe.exe -Q >>"%LOGFILE%" 2>>&1 ) :Defender-Definitions ECHO>>"%LOGFILE%" ...................... ECHO Installing Windows Defender Definition updates & ECHO>>"%LOGFILE%" 2>>&1 Installing Windows Defender Definition updates IF "%ARCH%"=="64" ( %CDROM%\updates\WinDefUpdate\mpas-fex64.exe -Q >>"%LOGFILE%" 2>>&1 ) ELSE ( %CDROM%\updates\WinDefUpdate\mpas-fe.exe -Q >>"%LOGFILE%" 2>>&1 )
  2. Rick, have you thought of doing a dual (x86/x64) Microsoft Security Essentials repack? I use the following switches: mseinstall-amd64fre-en-us.exe /s /q /o /runwgacheck (same for 32-bit version) But I get a "Click 'OK' to continue" error about revoked certificates (on Win7). (ignore, it was Java that caused the error). I'd like to make it fully unattended and thought that a combined repack with the updated definitions would be ideal. Download page: http://windows.micro...rity-essentials
  3. You could try dumping the directory info to a text file like so: dir /s "%path-to-files%" >>"%path-to-log%\dirInput.log" But that won't give you versions. WMIC does though. Something like this maybe? @ECHO OFF &SETLOCAL ENABLEEXTENSIONS ::USER VARIABLES ::FILE TO CHECK VERSION OF [Note double backlashes] SET "F_=C:\\Program Files\\Windows AIK\\Tools\\PETools\\ssshim.dll" FOR /F "tokens=1,2 USEBACKQ SKIP=1 delims==" %%b IN (`WMIC DATAFILE WHERE "NAME='%F_%'" GET VERSION /VALUE`) DO 1>NUL 2>&1(SET %%b=%%c) SET "detect=%VERSION:.=%" ECHO Detected version is: %detect% ENDLOCAL :EOF
  4. Oh yeah, silly me. One of these days I'm going to have to learn to read properly!
  5. Ooh, nice concept! I like it! Thanks. ?: Why is this nearly double the size of Yumeyao's addon? Just wondering.
  6. Here's what I do with batch commands. REM :: This sets the environment variable TimeStamp to the format YYYYMMDD_HHMM. Any leading zeros are dropped. REM :: Adapted from: http://blogs.technet.com/b/pfe-ireland/archive/2008/05/08/batch-files-date-stamp-in-a-filename.aspx SET "TimeStamp=" FOR /f "tokens=1-4 delims=/ " %%i in ("%date%") do SET "datestr=%%l%%j%%k" FOR /f "tokens=1-4 delims=.: " %%i in ("%time%") do SET "timestr=%%i%%j" SET "TimeStamp=%datestr%_%timestr%" REM :: Strips any spaces from the variable and replaces them with underscores. SET "TimeStamp=%TimeStamp: =_%"
  7. Whoops, yes one day I must learn to read.
  8. Awesome! Thank you! I assume registration is post-install with a .reg file?
  9. Yes, that is how I understood it also. But this new ADK is "pre-release" which means that corporate IT centers are not going to use it until it's final. It's fine for hobbyists and enthusiasts, but beta-ware is a big "no-no" in the corporate world. ImageX does what I need. Once this new ADK is final, I'll update my code to incorporate the new changes. Thanks all!
  10. Actually OnePiece, those functions are not included with the WAIK 3.1 (current) version of DISM. You're quoting from the 'pre-release' version of DISM for Windows 8. http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/hh825258.aspx This new version of DISM/WAIK is not available for download yet. Thanks Kels, I'll take a look.
  11. The "copy" command would over-write the previous .wim and in the end you'd be left with only the last index exported. A better option would be to export/copy the .wim to a backup location and delete the indexes not needed one at a time. IMAGEX [FLAGS] /DELETE image_file image_number | image_name or imagex /delete d:\imaging\data.wim 1 imagex /delete d:\imaging\data.wim 2 etc. I thought DISM would do what I wanted, but ImageX is the only way forward.
  12. Thanks Kels, but I don't use Win7Toolkit or wim-manager. I'm trying to use raw DISM commands. I found a little info here: http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en/w7itproinstall/thread/ad33200e-e368-46d9-b495-0c4cbe6661c8 and here: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dd744535(v=ws.10).aspx But it refers to manipulating the ei.cfg file and that's not an option because I need to remove just one or two options, not limit the entire disc to a single option. I'll play around with the following commands and see if that is what I'm looking for. /Get-CurrentEdition | /Get-TargetEditions |/Set-Edition
  13. OK, I'm sure I'm missing something here. Maybe someone has already thought of this and can help. Let's say you have removed the \sources\ei.cfg file to unlock all editions but integrate updates/drivers/etc. into only Win7 Professional and Ultimate. If you boot from the .iso, you're presented with all Editions to install (Home Basic, Home Premium, Pro & Ultimate) even though you only modified Pro/Ultimate. How do you remove the unmodified editions from the list of available install options? I've tried removing the \sources\install_*.clg files for the affected editions but that didn't work. Is there an .xml or other text file that needs to be edited to remove them from the list? This also affects Server 2008r2. Here's a screenshot of the section I'm referring to.
  14. Well really it depends on what the user wants to do. DISM is the only one for offline images. pnputil and dpinst are both for online (running) images but have different functions. pnputil can be used to both add and remove drivers from the online driverstore (whether they're needed or not). dpinst is used only to add drivers for hardware currently connected to the PC. (not efficient for external devices like printers etc. that need to be powered on) dpinst can't be used to remove drivers though. Ideally all three would be implemented for each of their unique strengths. I see W7T as a toolbox, you wouldn't want to be missing a screwdriver and have to resort to using a hammer. The user could indicate what folder they want the drivers forced (pnputil) and also a much larger folder to use if the system needs it (dpinst).
  15. I really like where this discussion is going. But to be honest, I don't think either DISM or pnputil will give you the desired result. See, both are great for removing drivers from either the offline or online OS (respectively), but both will add ALL drivers to the OS whether they're needed or not. Quote taken from here:http://technet.micro...v=ws.10%29.aspx So this continues the problem of driverstore bloat. What I use in my SAD2 script is the Microsoft tool dpinst.exe. There are two versions (incompatible with each other) for 32 & 64 bit OS. Where dpinst excels is that it only installs drivers for the hardware that is present during execution. About 95% of my script deals with OS detection, path resolution, and driverpack extraction. The "meat & potatoes" line that gets the drivers loaded is right here: Start "MicroSoft Driver Installer Tool Running" /wait /separate /realtime /min CMD /C DPInst.exe /c /s But in order for this to work, dpinst needs to be copied to the root of the folder containing all the drivers. The line I was experimenting with for pnputil usage was this: :: pnputil -a -i %SystemDrive%\D\*\*.inf But again, this loads ALL the detected drivers into the driverstore. RickNeaga is right though, my script is hard-coded to a specific folder structure. I am working on adding more code to allow for a more flexible folder structure though. Here's my entire script: ::Except otherwise noted, the open-source code of the DP_Install_Tool.cmd file is © 2011-2012 by Erik Hansen for DriverPacks.net, under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license: http://creativecommo...ses/by-sa/3.0/.::7-Zip is open source software by Igor Pavlov. Most of the source code is under the GNU LGPL license. The unRAR code is under a mixed license: GNU LGPL + unRAR restrictions. Check license information here: http://www.7-zip.org/license.txt or http://www.gnu.org/licenses/lgpl.html ::DPInst.exe is proprietary code owned completely by Microsoft and distributed under their own license. (see .\bin\*\dpinst-license.rtf) :: rev 12.03.26 :: Originally written by Jeff Herre AKA OverFlow, significantly rewritten by Erik Hansen AKA Mr_Smartepants. :: Modified by Brent Newland (casipc.com) to support network shares and UAC elevation :: A Script to use Microsoft's DPInst.exe with the DriverPacks. :: Help and Support available at http://forum.driverp...pic.php?id=5336 :: This script assumes that the original folder structure of the downloaded archive remains intact. :: Please do not alter the folder structure unless you REALLY know what you are doing and alter the below code accordingly. :: Changelog: :: v120326 :: Fixed code to prevent errors during cleanup stage (Iceblackice) :: v120318 :: Added code to enable switches. Only a Help guide and "Silent" operation for now. (Erik Hansen) :: v120317 :: Added code for silent operation. No prompts, displays progress only. (Erik Hansen) :: Added code to delete folders not needed. (Erik Hansen) :: v120217 :: Updated command line 7-zip in \bin folder to 9.22. (Erik Hansen) :: v120215 :: Added command line 7-zip to \bin folder and code to use. (Erik Hansen) :: Updated elevate.vbs to current version from MSDN. :: Optimized OS detection subroutines. :: Fixed log file output reference to %windir%\dpinst.log. :: v120203 :: Added code to use native installed 7-Zip IF present. (Erik Hansen) :: Fixed bug with extra space in %ARCH% variable :: v111118 :: Fixed typo in log file output reference.(Twig123/Dave) :: v111009 :: Fixed typo in KTD option code.(Erik Hansen) :: v111008 :: Added code to allow user to change Keep The Drivers (KTD) option (Erik Hansen) :: Fixed bug where DriverPacks wouldn't be found IF there were spaces in the path. :: v110713 :: Fixed code to prevent errors during cleanup stage (Erik Hansen) :: Added code to report accurate CPU type (Erik Hansen) :: Added code to detect DP_*.7z files in the current directory (Erik Hansen) :: v110505 :: Fixed code to prevent writing log to read-only disc (Erik Hansen) :: Repackaged dpinst* files to prevent accidental deletion. (Erik Hansen) :: v110504 :: Fixed bug where NT6 Method 1 fails prematurely. (Erik Hansen) :: v110503 :: Fixed code to remove extra backslash from path if one exists. (Erik Hansen) :: v110502 :: Fixed un7zip code to allow for wildcard file extraction (Erik Hansen) :: v110501 :: Updated to support network shares and UAC elevation for NT6 (Brent Newland) :: Fixed CPU detection to allow for 32-bit OS on 64-bit CPU (Erik Hansen) :: Fixed un7zip code to allow breakpoints (Brent Newland) :: v110312 (Erik Hansen) :: Fixed missing NT5\x86\dpinst.* files :: Updated to current DriverPack ChipSET versions. :: v110213 (Erik Hansen) :: Added NT6 Method 1 functionality. :: Added check for UNC (\\server\path\to\file) paths. Cmd.exe will fail if UNC path is used. :: Changed Method 1 COPY function to XCOPY for reliability. :: Improved readme.txt instructions. @ECHO off : Default options :: Change SILENT option to "Y" if you want to bypass all prompts but make sure the next two options are set to your preferences first. SET "SILENT=N" :: KTD option. Default is "N", "Y" will not delete any drivers from the %systemdrive%\D\ folder. SET "KTD=N" :: OS folder clean option. Default is "N", "Y" will delete any drivers for OS folders not needed. SET "CLEAN=N" : Help options if "%1"=="/?" goto usage if "%1"=="/h" goto usage if "%1"=="/H" goto usage if "%1"=="/S" SET "SILENT=Y" ::if "%1"=="/K" SET "KTD=Y" ::if "%1"=="/C" SET "CLEAN=Y" :: Check for network paths, assign temporary drive letter IF found. SET pd=%~dp0 pushd %~dp0 SET cur=%cd% :slash :: Strip all trailing backslash from path. \\ should become \ then nothing. IF [%cur:~-1%]==[\] SET "cur=%cur:~0,-1%" IF [%cur:~-1%]==[\] GOTO slash cls TITLE DriverPacks.net Stand Alone Driver Updater v2.0 & Color 9f SET LOG=nul & IF [%1] NEQ [] (IF /I [%1] NEQ [Q] (SET LOG=%1) & IF /I [%1] EQU [V] (SET LOG=CON)) SET msg2=%msg% %username% :OS-check FOR /F "tokens=2*" %%A IN ('REG QUERY "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion" /v CurrentBuildNumber') DO SET build=%%B FOR /F "tokens=2*" %%A IN ('REG QUERY "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion" /v ProductName') DO SET prodname=%%B FOR /F "tokens=2*" %%A IN ('REG QUERY "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion" /v InstallationType') DO SET installtype=%%B IF /I "%build%"=="2600" SET OSbuild=NT5 FOR %%i IN (6000 6001 6002 7600 7601 7602) DO ( IF /I "%build%"=="%%i" SET OSbuild=NT6 ) SET "OSTYPE=WINXP" FOR %%i IN (6000 6001 6002) DO ( IF /I "%build%"=="%%i" SET "OSTYPE=VISTA" ) FOR %%i IN (7600 7601 7602) DO ( IF /I "%build%"=="%%i" SET "OSTYPE=WIN7" ) IF "%INSTALLTYPE%"=="Server" SET "OSTYPE=SERVER" ECHO. & ECHO Locating the DriverPacks... SET "M=0" IF "%OSbuild%"=="NT6" GOTO Elevate :PROCESSOR :: Detect Processor type on running system SET "ARCH=32" IF EXIST "%SystemRoot%\SysWOW64" SET "ARCH=64" & GOTO PROCESSOR3 :PROCESSOR2 :: No 64-bit system folders found, must be 32-bit system regardless of processor type SET "DPLoc=%cur%\%OSbuild%\x86" GOTO ZipCheck :PROCESSOR3 :: 64-bit system folders found, must be 64-bit system double-check for x86 processor for error? SET "DPLoc=%cur%\%OSbuild%\x64" IF /I "%PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE%"=="x86" GOTO Error3 :ZipCheck SET zip=N IF EXIST "%programfiles%\7-Zip\7z.exe" (SET "zpath=%programfiles%\7-Zip\7z.exe" & SET "zip=Y" & GOTO ZipFound) IF EXIST "%cur%\bin\%ARCH%\7z.exe" (SET "zpath=%cur%\bin\%ARCH%\7z.exe" & SET "zip=Y" & GOTO ZipFound) :ZipFound IF not EXIST "%zpath%" SET zip=N :DoubleCheck ::Check for XP-64 IF "%OSbuild%"=="NT5" GOTO Method5 IF "%OSbuild%"=="NT6" GOTO Method6 GOTO Error1 :Method5 ::Double check for XP-64 IF /I [%PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE%] NEQ [x86] GOTO Error1 IF EXIST "%cur%\D\" (SET "DPLoc=%cur%" & SET "M=1" & GOTO Message2) IF EXIST "%DPLoc%\D\" (SET "M=1" & GOTO Message2) IF EXIST "%DPLoc%\DP_*.7z" (SET "M=2" & GOTO Found) IF EXIST "%cur%\DP_*.7z" (SET "DPLoc=%cur%" & SET "M=2" & GOTO Found) ECHO Searching Root folders since DriverPacks were not found in current folder... FOR %%i IN (C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y) DO ( IF EXIST "%%i:\OEM\bin\un7zip.exe" SET "M=2" IF EXIST "%%i:\$OEM$\$1\D\" (SET "DPLoc=%%i:\$OEM$\$1" & SET "M=1" & %%i) IF "%M%">="1" GOTO Message2) ECHO. & ECHO Strange... The DriverPacks were not found in %DPLoc% & ECHO. & Pause & GOTO Done :Method6 IF "%ARCH%"=="32" SET "ARCHP=X86" IF "%ARCH%"=="64" SET "ARCHP=X64" FOR %%i IN (3 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z) DO ( IF EXIST "%DPLoc%\%%i\" SET "M=1" & GOTO Message2 ) IF EXIST "%DPLoc%\DP_*.7z" (SET "M=2" & GOTO Found) ECHO. & ECHO Strange... The DriverPacks were not found in %DPLoc% & ECHO. & Pause & GOTO Done :Found IF "%zip%"=="Y" GOTO Message2 IF not EXIST "%cur%\bin\un7zip.exe" GOTO Error2 :Message2 IF "%SILENT%"=="Y" GOTO Lets-GO ::Reset variables to defaults SET "KTD=N" SET "CLEAN=N" cls SETlocal ECHO ******************************************************************** ECHO Released under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license ECHO %msg2% please read below carefully. ECHO. ECHO Operating System Architecture Detected: ECHO %prodname% %ARCH%-bit on %PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE% compatible CPU ECHO CPU: %PROCESSOR_IDENTIFIER% ECHO. ECHO %ARCH%-bit DriverPacks will be installed from ECHO %DPLoc% using method: %M% ECHO Native 7-zip command line application found? %zip% ECHO. ECHO IF this is NOT intended, exit the program now! ECHO ******************************************************************** ECHO Do you want to Keep The Drivers (KTD) after install? ECHO Answer Y/N (Y- will keep all drivers unless deleted manually) ECHO ******************************************************************** :KTD-option SET /p option=[Y,N]? IF "%option%"=="Y" SET "KTD=Y" IF "%option%"=="y" SET "KTD=Y" IF "%KTD%"=="Y" ECHO KTD option has been enabled. :Message3 ECHO. ECHO ******************************************************************** ECHO Do you want to remove drivers not needed by this OS? ECHO Answer Y/N (N- will use all drivers from every folder) ECHO ******************************************************************** :CLEAN-option SET /p option=[Y,N]? IF "%option%"=="Y" SET "CLEAN=Y" IF "%option%"=="y" SET "CLEAN=Y" IF "%CLEAN%"=="Y" ECHO Unnecessary drivers will be deleted prior to integration. :Lets-GO SET DPFL=%SystemDrive%\DPsFnshr.ini IF NOT EXIST "%SystemDrive%\D\" MD "%SystemDrive%\D\" :dpinst IF "%zip%"=="Y" GOTO dpinstNative ECHO. & ECHO Extracting the DriverPacks %ARCH%-bit core files. Start /wait /separate /high "" "%cur%\bin\un7zip.exe" "%cur%\bin\%ARCH%\dpinst.7z" %SystemDrive%\D\ GOTO Method1 :dpinstNative ECHO. & ECHO Extracting the DriverPacks %ARCH%-bit core files using native 7-Zip. Start /wait /separate /high "" "%zpath%" x "%cur%\bin\%ARCH%\dpinst.7z" -o"%SystemDrive%\D\" :Method1 IF "%M%"=="1" ( ECHO. & ECHO Preparing the DriverPacks files. Method 1 was found. & ECHO. IF NOT "%DPLoc%"==%SystemDrive% ECHO Copying Driverpacks files & XCOPY "%DPLoc%\." "%SystemDrive%\D\." /E /H ECHO [settings] > %DPFL% ECHO DPsRoot = "%DPLoc%" >> %DPFL% ECHO DPsRootDel = "false" >> %DPFL% ECHO debug = "true" >> %DPFL% CD %DPLoc%\D ) :Method2 IF "%zip%"=="Y" GOTO Method2Native IF "%M%"=="2" ( ECHO. & ECHO Preparing the DriverPacks now. Method 2 was found. & ECHO. ECHO Extracting DriverPacks from: %DPLoc% for %%f in ("%DPLoc%\DP_*.7z") do Start /wait /separate /high "" "%cur%\bin\un7zip.exe" "%%f" %SystemDrive%\D\ IF "%OSbuild%"=="NT6" GOTO Begin COPY /Y "%DPLoc%\*.ins" %SystemDrive%\ Start /wait /separate /high "" "%cur%\bin\un7zip.exe" "%cur%\bin\DPsFnshr.7z" %SystemDrive%\ %SystemDrive% & cd %SystemDrive%\D ECHO [settings] > %DPFL% ECHO DPsRoot = "%SystemDrive%" >> %DPFL% ECHO DPsRootDel = "true" >> %DPFL% ECHO debug = "true" >> %DPFL% ) GOTO SKIPKTD :Method2Native IF "%M%"=="2" ( ECHO. & ECHO Preparing the DriverPacks now. Method 2 was found. & ECHO Using native 7-Zip ECHO Extracting DriverPacks from: %DPLoc% for %%f in ("%DPLoc%\DP_*.7z") do Start /wait /separate /high "" "%zpath%" x "%%f" -o"%SystemDrive%\D\" IF "%OSbuild%"=="NT6" GOTO Begin COPY /Y "%DPLoc%\*.ins" %SystemDrive%\ Start /wait /separate /high "" "%zpath%" x "%cur%\bin\DPsFnshr.7z" -o"%SystemDrive%\" %SystemDrive% & cd %SystemDrive%\D ECHO [settings] > %DPFL% ECHO DPsRoot = "%SystemDrive%" >> %DPFL% ECHO DPsRootDel = "true" >> %DPFL% ECHO debug = "true" >> %DPFL% ) :SKIPKTD IF "%KTD%"=="Y" GOTO KEEPKTD ECHO KTD = "false" >> %DPFL% ECHO KTDlocation = "%SystemRoot%\DriverPacks" >> %DPFL% ECHO logLocation = "%SystemRoot%" >> %DPFL% GOTO Begin :KEEPKTD ECHO KTD = "paths:D" >> %DPFL% ECHO KTDlocation = "%SystemRoot%\DriverPacks" >> %DPFL% ECHO logLocation = "%SystemRoot%" >> %DPFL% :Begin IF "%CLEAN%"=="N" GOTO Begin2 :CLEAN-warn ECHO OSTYPE is %OSTYPE% IF "%OSTYPE%"=="SERVER" ( ECHO drivers will be deleted from "%SystemDrive%\D\%ARCHP%\Vista\" ECHO drivers will be deleted from "%SystemDrive%\D\%ARCHP%\Win7\" ) IF "%OSTYPE%"=="VISTA" ( ECHO drivers will be deleted from "%SystemDrive%\D\%ARCHP%\Server\" ECHO drivers will be deleted from "%SystemDrive%\D\%ARCHP%\Win7\" ) IF "%OSTYPE%"=="WIN7" ( ECHO drivers will be deleted from "%SystemDrive%\D\%ARCHP%\Server\" ECHO drivers will be deleted from "%SystemDrive%\D\%ARCHP%\Vista\" ) IF "%SILENT%"=="Y" GOTO CLEAN-folder ECHO This is your final warning before drivers are deleted from unneeded OS folders. pause :CLEAN-folder IF "%OSTYPE%"=="SERVER" ( RD /S /Q "%SystemDrive%\D\%ARCHP%\Vista\" RD /S /Q "%SystemDrive%\D\%ARCHP%\Win7\" ) IF "%OSTYPE%"=="VISTA" ( RD /S /Q "%SystemDrive%\D\%ARCHP%\Server\" RD /S /Q "%SystemDrive%\D\%ARCHP%\Win7\" ) IF "%OSTYPE%"=="WIN7" ( RD /S /Q "%SystemDrive%\D\%ARCHP%\Server\" RD /S /Q "%SystemDrive%\D\%ARCHP%\Vista\" ) ECHO Excess drivers deleted! IF "%SILENT%"=="Y" GOTO Begin2 pause :Begin2 %SystemDrive% & cd %SystemDrive%\D cls ECHO ********************************************************************* ECHO. ECHO. & ECHO. ECHO Running the MicroSoft Driver Installer now ! ECHO. ECHO The progress window is minimized to the task bar & ECHO. & ECHO. ECHO. & ECHO. ECHO Please wait for the MicroSoft tool to complete its job... ECHO This may take from 2-30 minutes depending on the speed of this PC. ECHO. ECHO ********************************************************************* Start "MicroSoft Driver Installer Tool Running" /wait /separate /realtime /min CMD /C DPInst.exe /c /s IF "%OSbuild%"=="NT6" GOTO LOG-file :Finisher ECHO. & ECHO Running the DriverPacks.net Finisher now! & ECHO. %SystemDrive% & cd\ & Start /wait /separate /high "" DPsFnshr.exe :LOG-file :: Log and Attended output section IF /I [%1] NEQ [Q] ( IF [LOG] NEQ [nul] ( ECHO. & ECHO Method %M% was found at: >>%LOG% ECHO %DPLoc% >>%LOG% ECHO List INF's that were matched with this system >>%LOG% FOR /F "usebackq tokens=2,3*" %%G IN ('type %windir%\dpinst.log') DO ( IF [%%G]==[successfull] IF [%%H]==[installation] ECHO %%G %%H %%I >>%LOG%) ) : Final Message cls ECHO ********************************************************************* ECHO. ECHO. & ECHO The DriverPacks Stand Alone Drivers installation is complete! ECHO. & ECHO The log file of this utility's progress is found in %windir%\dpinst.log ::ECHO & Start /min sndrec32 /play /close %windir%\media\ding.wav IF "%OSbuild%"=="NT5" GOTO Timer IF "%KTD%"=="Y" GOTO Timer ECHO Now cleaning up... cd %SYSTEMDRIVE% cd \ IF EXIST "%SYSTEMDRIVE%\D\x86\*" DEL /F /S /Q "%SYSTEMDRIVE%\D\x86\*" >nul IF EXIST "%SYSTEMDRIVE%\D\x64\*" DEL /F /S /Q "%SYSTEMDRIVE%\D\x64\*" >nul IF EXIST "%SYSTEMDRIVE%\D\*" DEL /F /S /Q "%SYSTEMDRIVE%\D\*" >nul IF EXIST "%SYSTEMDRIVE%\DPInst.*" DEL /F /S /Q "%SYSTEMDRIVE%\DPInst.*" >nul IF EXIST "%SYSTEMDRIVE%\D" RD /S /Q "%SYSTEMDRIVE%\D\" >nul :Timer ECHO. & ECHO This window will close itself in 30 seconds... & ECHO. For /l %%A in (1,1,30) do (<nul (SET/p z=#) & >nul ping -n 2 ) ) ECHO ********************************************************************* :Done popd endlocal EXIT del %0 :Error1 cls ECHO ******************************************************************** ECHO. ECHO %msg2% ECHO. ECHO Invalid Operating System Detected: ECHO. ECHO %prodname% ECHO Which uses %OSbuild% DriverPacks ECHO Not currently supported ECHO. ECHO Please exit the program now! ECHO. ECHO ******************************************************************** pause exit :Error2 cls ECHO ******************************************************************** ECHO. ECHO. ECHO %msg2% ECHO. ECHO. ECHO un7zip.exe is missing. ECHO. ECHO. ECHO Please exit the program now! ECHO. ECHO. ECHO ******************************************************************** pause exit :Error3 cls ECHO ******************************************************************** ECHO. ECHO %msg2% ECHO. ECHO Invalid Operating System Detected: ECHO. ECHO %prodname% %ARCH%-bit OS ECHO Installed on %PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE% processor ECHO Not currently supported ECHO. ECHO Please exit the program now! ECHO. ECHO ******************************************************************** pause exit :usage echo %0 is an batch program to automate the echo installation of drivers on any Windows system. echo Usage is %0 {/?!/h!/H} (only one switch used at a time) echo /? or /h or /H will bring up this guide. echo /S will enable "Silent" mode which will not prompt for options but will echo execute the batch with whatever options are set as default. pause exit :Elevate ::Credit to JohnGray http://www.sevenforu...and-prompt.html :: try to write a zero-byte file to a system directory :: IF successful, we are in Elevated mode and delete the file :: IF unsuccessful, avoid the "Access is denied" message SETlocal :: arbitrary choice of system directory and filename SET tst="%windir%\$del_me$" :: the first brackets are required to avoid getting the message, :: even though 2 is redirected to nul. no, I don't know why. (type nul>%tst%) 2>nul && (del %tst% & SET elev=t) || (SET elev=) IF defined elev (GOTO PROCESSOR) else ("%cur%\bin\elevate.cmd" "%pd%\DP_Install_Tool.cmd") endlocal
  16. It's not. IE crashes each and every time I open it. I'm testing in VM at the moment. I'm digging the ribbon-ized explorer though.
  17. v3.0.0.25 has been working great for me so far. I just have a suggestion you might want to consider. If the user selects a source folder where XPtsp has already been previously integrated, shouldn't the GUI display a warning like "Hey! I already fixed this folder once!" Maybe detect the presence of %source%\XPtsp.log or other key file(s). Or can the GUI "upgrade" previously integrated sessions?
  18. I noticed you don't use an update pack. I prefer User_hidden's one. Also, .NET 1.0 isn't required anymore. I don't use it. I also don't use any work from OnePiece. I'm not blaming OnePiece, but since I've stopped using his work, I don't have any problems. Here's my AutoImage config file for reference. I don't have any problems in my MCE build. [Disc] SourcePath=C:\Tools\XP\Projects\XPMO DestinationPath=C:\Tools\XP\Projects\XPMO2 ApplyServicePack=False [Options] Uppercase=True DelDocsDir=True DelSupportDir=True DelValueaddDir=True DelUpgradeDirs=True DelLangDir=True [RyanVM] RVMUPD=C:\Tools\XP\AutoImage\UpdatePack\XPSP3_QFE_UpdatePack_20120215.7z Optimize=True Cached=True WPI=Off [nLite] RunNlite=False Config= [XPize] RunXPize=False RunOnceEx=False [DriverPacks] RunDPB=False Config= [iSO] GenerateFile=True Path=C:\Tools\XP\ISO Filename=XPMO.iso VolumeLabel=GRTMP_EN Options=-J -untranslated-filenames -no-iso-translate -D -no-emul-boot -b boot.bin -hide boot.bin -hide boot.catalog -hide-joliet boot.bin -hide-joliet boot.catalog EncodeDupOnce=False [RVMAddons] KTT_FRONTPAGEEXTENTIONS_DELETEADDON.CAB=C:\Tools\XP\AutoImage\RVM\Addons Removal_Srchasst_Deleteaddon_v1.2.CAB=C:\Tools\XP\AutoImage\RVM\Addons Removal_WindowsTour_DeleteAddon_v1.8.CAB=C:\Tools\XP\AutoImage\RVM\Addons DirectXRuntimes-201006-AddOn-32.7z=C:\Tools\XP\AutoImage\RVM\Addons Addon_Microsoft.Net_AIO_ROE_20120214.7z=C:\Tools\XP\AutoImage\RVM\Addons AddOn_Ricks_VistaLunaLClock_v1.6b2-ReCabbed.zip=C:\Tools\XP\AutoImage\RVM\Addons BDBD_Addon_DaRk_MaDnEsS_2.5.7z=C:\Tools\XP\AutoImage\RVM\Addons beats_LDO_Fonts_1.0_Addon.7z=C:\Tools\XP\AutoImage\RVM\Addons beats_WinDirStat_1.1.2_Addon.7z=C:\Tools\XP\AutoImage\RVM\Addons ENU_Addons_BVProSvcDescriptions_1.5.2.7z=C:\Tools\XP\AutoImage\RVM\Addons Fonts_Addon_Combo_v1.2.7z=C:\Tools\XP\AutoImage\RVM\Addons Kels_lite_addon_v5.6.rar=C:\Tools\XP\AutoImage\RVM\Addons Kels_VirtualCDv2.1_addon_2008-10-23.rar=C:\Tools\XP\AutoImage\RVM\Addons LiberationFonts_addon.7z=C:\Tools\XP\AutoImage\RVM\Addons MrsP_Absolutist_Flash_Games_Addon_v1.1-070905.cab=C:\Tools\XP\AutoImage\RVM\Addons MrsP_Freeware_Games_Addon_v1.3-070924.cab=C:\Tools\XP\AutoImage\RVM\Addons MrsP_Konnectonator_Addon_v0.1-070910.cab=C:\Tools\XP\AutoImage\RVM\Addons MrsP_Mega_Mario_Addon_v1.5-070910.cab=C:\Tools\XP\AutoImage\RVM\Addons MrsP_NagaSkaki_Chess_Addon_v4.00-070909.cab=C:\Tools\XP\AutoImage\RVM\Addons MrsP_Neave_Flash_Games_Addon_v1.1-070905.cab=C:\Tools\XP\AutoImage\RVM\Addons PatchAddon_HIVESYS_v13c.cab=C:\Tools\XP\AutoImage\RVM\Addons PatchAddon_SFC_OS_v14.7z=C:\Tools\XP\AutoImage\RVM\Addons PatchAddon_SYSSETUP_InfSkip_v14.7z=C:\Tools\XP\AutoImage\RVM\Addons PatchAddon_TCPIP_100_v14d.7z=C:\Tools\XP\AutoImage\RVM\Addons PatchAddon_UXTHEME_v14a.7z=C:\Tools\XP\AutoImage\RVM\Addons Reapers_Bowling_Evolution_1.07a_AddOn-ReCabbed.zip=C:\Tools\XP\AutoImage\RVM\Addons Reapers_Secret_Maryo_Chronicles_1.9_AddOn.7z=C:\Tools\XP\AutoImage\RVM\Addons Ricks_EVERESTUlt5.50.2100_Intl_addon.7z=C:\Tools\XP\AutoImage\RVM\Addons Theme_5er_MSSignedThemes_v6.1.2.exe=C:\Tools\XP\AutoImage\RVM\Addons Theme_Gorki_IllumeCG_070208_Addon-ReCabbed.zip=C:\Tools\XP\AutoImage\RVM\Addons Theme_Kal_Luna_Element_Black_5.1_Addon_v1.0-ReCabbed.zip=C:\Tools\XP\AutoImage\RVM\Addons Theme_Kal_Luna_Element_Blue_5.1_Addon_v1.0-ReCabbed.zip=C:\Tools\XP\AutoImage\RVM\Addons Theme_Mr-S_SevenVG_Theme_Addon_v1.0.7z=C:\Tools\XP\AutoImage\RVM\Addons Theme_Mr-S_Vista_Theme_Addon_v1.0.7z=C:\Tools\XP\AutoImage\RVM\Addons Theme_Windows_7_Pack_1_Addon_by_LUZR4LIFE.7z=C:\Tools\XP\AutoImage\RVM\Addons Wallpapers_Addon_VistaWallpapers_v1-ReCabbed.zip=C:\Tools\XP\AutoImage\RVM\Addons Wallpapers_NR_StarterWalls_Addon-ReCabbed.zip=C:\Tools\XP\AutoImage\RVM\Addons YumeYao_IE8_Addon_Nosetuperr_ENU_1_4_11.7z=C:\Tools\XP\AutoImage\RVM\Addons yumeyao_IE8_post_1.4.11_Addon.7z=C:\Tools\XP\AutoImage\RVM\Addons YumeYao_MicrosoftOldRuntimeLibraries_Addon_1_0_0.7z=C:\Tools\XP\AutoImage\RVM\Addons Ricks-YumeYao_MicrosoftVC78910RuntimeLibraries_MixedAddon_2_1_1.7z=C:\Tools\XP\AutoImage\RVM\Addons YumeYao_WMP11_Addon_ENU_V3_4_5.7z=C:\Tools\XP\AutoImage\RVM\Addons Ricks_XP_to_MCE05addon_en.7z=C:\Tools\XP\AutoImage\RVM\Addons OEMSCAN_1.4.1_MR_SMARTEPANTS_ADDON_MULTIOEM_1.8.7.7z=C:\Tools\XP\AutoImage\RVM\Addons Ricks_WindowsSidebar6.0.6002.18005_Intl_AlkyXP1.1_addon.7z=C:\Tools\XP\AutoImage\RVM\Addons Ricks_UltimateSounds_AddOn_en-ReCabbed.zip=C:\Tools\XP\AutoImage\RVM\Addons Ricks_HoldEm_AddOn_en-ReCabbed.zip=C:\Tools\XP\AutoImage\RVM\Addons [installers] PhotoInfo.exe|-ai=C:\Tools\XP\AutoImage\Installers dotNet11SP1.exe|-ai1=C:\Tools\XP\AutoImage\Installers As you can see, I do everything in one shot. I don't split my addon integrations.
  19. MediaFire mirrors (current as of 23 Jan) Nlite version: http://www.mediafire.com/?41gizpsv5gd715o MD5: 03794f284265a84b42fb92c2bff17eb4 Size: 165 MB RVMI version: http://www.mediafire.com/?ht34qs92qf0fafx MD5: a5cea485a643a334e3d80ee354e71233 Size: 165 MB
  20. I just tried your RVMI MCE addon and all works fine! Thanks Rick!
  21. I just downloaded the nlite addon and the MD5 doesn't match the first post. I get this: File: Ricks_XP_to_MCE05_en.7z CRC-32: 8c56f2a1 MD4: c2afbacedbac54f1dce53cac333bee65 MD5: 03794f284265a84b42fb92c2bff17eb4 SHA-1: 8a4bdad4f1ba60a2d2d05e2b37006448689fbc93
  22. Dumb question: Why is this thread title dated 12 Jan (yesterday) but the files are dated 27 Dec? Or should I just shut up and be patient?
  23. For me? Don't worry about it. Like I said, I use the "Pro" theme on all of my builds so I'm not stressing it. I did find a small bug in the theme but I'm not sure if it's part of your green theme pack or with my build. The system window title-bar font is set to Arial instead of Tahoma which looks like crap. Setting it to Tahoma looks much better. Again, I'm not sure if that's set by xptsp or not.
  24. I just tested on XP Home and everything is working fine! Well done! I'll be testing Pro & MCE later. I'll report back with my results then. *Edit Pro and MCE work fine also. So far all bugs I reported above are fixed. Although there is one little thing that I've found. When using a MCE source, the option to use the "Pro" theme is selected by default and greyed out so that it can't be unchecked. This isn't a problem for me since I use the "Pro" theme for all my builds anyway, but I thought I'd mention it. Thanks for all your hard work!
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