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  1. The weird thing is that I did a driver scan with driver magic and that scans out everything that I installed manually,which included that chipset, and none of the infs that were in the sp folder were in the scan.. Only 4 infs from the xp folder showed up. Can you tell me why I should add them ?
  2. Here is my chipset ...
  3. The problem is that I don't know if the one's in the 'SP' folder are supposed to be integrated or what they even are.
  4. I need some clarification on how to slip an Intel Chipset driver into the driver section of the nlite. I have Intel Mobile Chipset OEM Version: and when I extract the downloaded driver, It has the XP folder in it with all the inf files and it is to my understanding that it doesn't matter which one you load as nlite will detect and load them all from that folder. (please correct me it I'm wrong) But also in that folder is another folder labeled SP,and that has 3 more inf files. Am I supposed to load any of these ?
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