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  1. On 19.03.2016 г. at 7:44 PM, Thiersee said:

    Hi mooms,

    sorry for asking ;)!

    Do you have a detailed how-to, to put extension in the SFX-Installer?

    I can't really understand the example.

    TNX, Thiersee

    for me is still a problem,Thiersee,could you please so kind and give me a link or more additional info about the tip how to put my own extensions in sfx ...Thanks in advance !!!


    Version 2.1

    What's new:



    - Now with LZMA2 compression (slightly better compression and less memory intensive)

    - The maker will ask you if you want a GUI or NoGUI SFX



  3. @hamzaaan:


    I don't understand your comment?  How is a cmd different than a bat file?  Can't i just copy and paste this text into a file and save it as a batch and run it like the cmd in the OP?


    Yes you can!! Dont worry! I made it a long time ago.The only problem is that Im not able to create dula(86-64) silent instalation of Java 8.25

  4. Thank you for a quisk response!!! I guess that is what you need!

    traceroute to www.wincert.net (, 30 hops max, 60 byte packets 1 (  0.078 ms  0.053 ms  0.013 ms 2 (  4.826 ms  5.071 ms  5.208 ms 3 (  11.143 ms  11.127 ms  11.095 ms 4  r1nyc1.core.init7.net (  89.121 ms  89.556 ms  89.072 ms 5  r1lon1.core.init7.net (  145.895 ms  145.965 ms  145.952 ms 6  r1nue1.core.init7.net (  159.246 ms  166.323 ms  166.295 ms 7  gw-hetzner.init7.net (  165.555 ms  161.793 ms  161.702 ms 8  * * * 9  core21.hetzner.de (  157.743 ms  157.776 ms  164.567 ms10  juniper1.rz16.hetzner.de (  158.049 ms  158.031 ms  158.010 ms11  hos-tr2.ex3k4.rz16.hetzner.de (  159.361 ms hos-tr5.ex3k4.rz16.hetzner.de (  158.705 ms  158.909 ms12  hq.qcom-box.com (  164.981 ms  158.122 ms  158.103 ms
  5. Dear Team,

    It seems that I need some help.During the last 10 days I was unable to open wincert site.I have no idea what is the reason,but I had to wait for more than a minute ,but time for response from wincert was too long so there was a standart response about the time to connect.

    Ive tried via Mozilla,Chrome,Opera,even Maxton.Not a chance at all.Even now i find a way to open this site using  unblockit.es.

    Also I cleaned cash,cookies..etc. but still no chance at all.Please give me some feedback or explain me what is going wrong.


    Thanks in Advance

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