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  1. Hello, First post :3 . Whenever I launch Win Toolkit (My version is v1.4.0.65) it asks if I want to update. Which is odd seeing as in the lower description box it says I have the latest version. If I click the "Yes" button I get an unhandled exception with the error of: I left out the whole "Jit Debugger" part because it's not useful. The buttons "No" and "Exit" work just fine as they should, and the update link has always worked for me until this version. I'm running Windows 7 X64 Ultimate SP1, latest updates from Microsoft of course, no .net altering software or anything. No pirated version of windows. No corruption in my files (Atleast what SFC says) and nothing else that I can think of that would spontaneously cause this issue other than the program itself. Thanks, I hope there is a solution to this or a fix to the program soon
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