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  1. So some time ago, my computer's manufacturer (Samsung) sent me a disc because I requested one; basically, my laptop's serial number had worn away and the system restore partition had gone bad. Basically, customer support told me, "We'll send you a disc that Windows won't ask for your serial number" (in essence, it by-passes the activation procedures but still registers it as a legit copy of Windows which can be updated and upgraded and such). http://i.imgur.com/T9kEb.jpg Will using Win Toolkit with an .iso of the manufacturer's OEM disc affect the way this works? I.E. Will it eradicate whatever code it is that allows me to bypass the Windows activation procedure?
  2. No, Mr_Smartepants, the RT7 option makes some sort of option whenever you right-click on blank space, and then there's an option that reads "Enable God Mode" which like grants full administrator privileges, lets you get into folders which even normally the "Administrator" account can't get into, and stuff like that.
  3. So RT7 has an option which allows the administrator to "enable God Mode." I haven't found anything similar to this option in Win Toolkit, and haven't found anything on this forum using the Search. Is there some "God Mode" enabler for Win Toolkit?
  4. How about a reverse feature? One that will allow installing fonts (irritates me whenever I do a fresh install and open up a document I made with non-standard fonts, since I forgot to reinstall my fonts).
  5. I looked at the pinned Win Toolkit v.1.4.0.x thread, and did a search in the Guides section... can't find anything about if I can add fonts to the install process. What I mean is just the same as any drivers or program files... except I want it to install my 2500+ .ttf files into the Windows/Fonts folder.
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