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  1. UPDATE! That's why I use Shedko Folder2MyPC Yes Kels,I agree with Zoom7000 "Dial-a-Fix it was so useful program."
  2. You need Microsoft .NET Framework
  3. As we all know that Firefox consumes a lot of memory and this consumption is about 35000K high sometimes on my PC. Now how would you like if this consumption went down to a few KB?? Yes Firefox consuming just 200K? That would be phenominal. Just extract the archive and run the Firefox Ultimate Optimizer.exe. Then check how firefox is consuming a few KB of memory in the Taskmanager. This also works with Firefox 3.0 Beta 2!! FirefoxUltimateOptimizer.zip
  4. Myfox Lots of add-ons & stylish
  5. YES.. very very OLD.It's coming on my windows xp SP2 package cd.
  6. How to uninstall/remove the old version ?
  7. But i want use your version(CPL all in one) Kel.
  8. Somebody help me please .. :worthy: :worthy: :worthy: :worthy:
  9. PLEASE HELP ME!!! I don't know how to remove one of this double icons on my control panel.
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