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  1. Why in god's name would someone attack servers hosting Windows updates? Can't even wrap my mind around that one..
  2. My apologies if this is in the wrong section, but there's probably no better place to ask this than in here since we're all obsessed with updates. When it scans for updates, does it ignore the ones you already have installed on your current OS? Is there anyway to turn this feature off or have it scan an ISO instead? (I guess I could always run in it in a VM I guess?).
  3. Ok, then what's wrong with using KUC exactly? You seem rather entitled for something that's free. Why not grab the files from the MS servers and host them on your own FTP server? Or is that too inconvenient for you?
  4. As the title suggests. Would be great to be able to customize this.
  5. The way I usually do it (and it works in v21 as well) is I select "Add Updates", then go to the root folder where the updates are, run a search for "msu", then sort by date, and then ctrl+a (or ctrl and select only the ones you want) and click open. More than one update will then add.
  6. For the time being you can use the following: link
  7. Also, to be on the safe side, make sure you download the file from here and nowhere else.
  8. Not a very big request, but I noticed the option for "Personal folder" was missing from the list. Add that, and it's complete!
  9. Hey guys, So I tried doing this a number a ways without luck. The first thing I tried was saving the theme from the Personalization menu, and then adding it to Basic->Theme Packs in Win Toolkit, and then selecting it as the default theme. This almost worked, but unfortunately, when you use save/export it from the Personalization menu it doesn't save all the required files which are located in C:\Windows\Resources\Themes. So I decided to try adding these missing files via Advanced->Files, and keeping the theme set as default in Theme Packs and no dice. When applying a theme from Theme Packs it seems to erase the folder you've added manually via the Files tab. When applying a theme, does Windows change any .dlls that I can just add via Files? Has anyone successfully changed the default theme to a custom one? (Other than the basic colours and wallpaper)? I'd really appreciate any help on the matter since I can't seem to figure this one out.
  10. Ran beta 7 last night, everything worked fine for me. Component removals, tweaks, silent installers, the whole nine (mind you, I don't use the McRip updates, just the ones I manually add from WUD). Also loving the new start menu options! Good stuff Legolas. By the way, is it just you working on this project? You're a beast! And hmmm, wasn't sure where to report this since there doesn't seem to be a sub forum for bugs but, I think there might be something with the Sound Theme component removal. Both times I had it checked off, I got some kind of component installation error when installing windows. Might be worth looking into (happened to me on as well). Anyway, thanks a lot! Keep it up. This is a remarkable piece of software you have going.
  11. Wow, this thing loads fast! I mean... night and day compared to 1.4. Feels generally more responsive all around the UI. Also, where do we now integrate an unattended config? That option doesn't seem to be in the WIM Manager anymore.
  12. Great! And thanks crashfly for listing them, as I wasn't around to yesterday.
  13. Hey, I was hoping that possibly we could get some more options for the tweaks regarding the start menu. It'd be nice if we could have an option for each listing to either 1) be displayed as a link, 2) displayed as a menu item, or 3) don't display this option. I also noticed that the Videos link doesn't seem to appear in the start menu (even without removing it). The options above for each listing could probably help with that Thanks.
  14. I think being able to change both the default user and guest picture would make a nice addition. (Just forwarding the request here as stated I would).
  15. Wow this thing flies! I'll be building my next image with this one either later tonight or tomorrow and report how it goes. Muchas gracias sir!
  16. Thank you . My res is 1920x1080. And woops, I'll add a request for that.
  17. Hehe yeah, this is a great idea. I am brand new to the program and I just started on .75. After a few successful images I upgraded to .76 and ended up spending quite a few frustrating hours wondering where I went wrong because of that crippling SFX bug. With that being said though, this is an amazing program and has been a pleasure to use! For new features (or improvements), would it be possible to have better image settings for the logon changer for when automatically converting to other resolutions? I noticed if you weren't using the default image resolution, the image quality suffers terribly. Another good feature to have would be to be able to change the default account picture (the user.bmp). Other than that, can't think of anything else at the moment.
  18. There's a typo under Misc->CMD colours (can't check the proper listing atm as I'm currently processing an image). Megenta-> Magenta
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