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  1. support for windows 10 TP was added!!!
  2. Dear friends As the title states Nuhi's tool for windows 7, 8 and 8.1 is out!!! Please check at http://www.ntlite.com/
  3. same error here you have attached a screen shot of the error and also the preset that gave me that. 2013-03-09_21-50-26.ini
  4. thank you tested and works now. error message is uploading now. but another one the 3 windows update cabs are not working
  5. it seems that every time i use last beta, just when i finish and try to close it down, it gives me an error that i cant upload. i attached it here. error report.txt
  6. stsaerox i dont know what u do but i used this addon and never had problems. and i used it since it first came out.
  7. stsaerox please use nlite in whole process after my progie....
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