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  1. support for windows 10 TP was added!!!
  2. Dear friends As the title states Nuhi's tool for windows 7, 8 and 8.1 is out!!! Please check at http://www.ntlite.com/
  3. same error here you have attached a screen shot of the error and also the preset that gave me that. 2013-03-09_21-50-26.ini
  4. thank you tested and works now. error message is uploading now. but another one the 3 windows update cabs are not working
  5. it seems that every time i use last beta, just when i finish and try to close it down, it gives me an error that i cant upload. i attached it here. error report.txt
  6. stsaerox i dont know what u do but i used this addon and never had problems. and i used it since it first came out.
  7. stsaerox please use nlite in whole process after my progie....
  8. u can try integrate greek wmp ....but first test in virtual enviroment.
  9. the problem is that after adding all updates packs my slipstreamer sees the source as being xpmce meaning that it thinks it has wmp10 (as a real mce source). but the source contains wmp9 not 10. so the solution here is to slisptream wmp11 first on the xp source and then add the updates packs via nlite. ps. please check display reports option in hotfix page advanced option.
  10. can u please upload somewhere else? rapidshare its the worst crap i've ever seen. thank you
  11. by the way new version is out 0.991 bjfrog ....sp3 was supported from the first time it leaked on the net......
  12. i hope sp3 will be out next year.... anyhow did you notice that lately m$ released a lot of fixes????
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