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  1. hey everyone, wasnt really sure where this fits so thats why im throwin it in General. I recently bought an ipod touch and works well except when i try to connect to my home wifi. Im living on a university campus and am using a wrt54gl router with dd-wrt running. The issue is that the touch only likes to connect when Im using DHCP on the router, but the campus has a no router policy so i want to use the university DHCP server instead (essentially turning the router to a switch with wifi ability). Ive had this router longer than i have had the touch and Ive never had any issues with connectivity, my laptop and wii are fine. I can connect to the router with the touch and get a 132.177... IP but cant actually use any internet capabilities (I get the "cannot find server" warning when I try to use safari). Now Ive googled this plenty of times and the only solution I find is to use the local DHCP, so im asking if anyone knows how to get this to work without haveing my routers NAT enabled? Any suggestions or solutions are welcome, thanks
  2. Hey everybody, I use DVD Decryptor to rip my dvd's, and for those who use it you know it saves it as .VOB files, and I also use AutoGK to convert those to .AVI, but sometimes when this is done the video gets out of sync with the audio by about 10 seconds. Ive checked the .VOB files and there fine, its just once its turned to .AVI. So does anyone know of a avi editor that can fix this, or maybe I can fix this with what I have already and just dont know it. I prefer something free, but Im open to all suggestions. Thanx
  3. Thanx, this is exactly what i thought was happening but as i stated before I have never heard of it and couldnt find anything about it anywhere. I dont think im gonna do the crazy glue trick, im just gonna see how it goes from here. Is it possible that I could (by some extreme stroke of luck) find the exact model as my laptop and replace the cracking cover. I doubt i will be able to find one so this is more of a hypothetical question
  4. Yes, this is something I have already tried. when I said "(the whole DriveIcon\Default\C thing)" in the original post this is what I meant. I will try again, but I have already tried it
  5. yep everything works fine, i was just interested if anyone had heard of these before now because I havent
  6. Its really hard to see, but if you tip your head just right you can see dark spots inside the red box, those are the cracks. Its really hard to get a good pic of this since I have to be about 4 inches from it to see it myself. Its definitly easier to feel than it is to see.
  7. Hey everybody, I have an HP Pavilion dv4000 laptop that I bought 2.5 years ago. Just the other day my hand brushed across the top of the closed notebook and felt something odd. There was a slight lump in the back left corner (imagine looking at the laptop as if you were using it and had the screen closed). At first glance I didnt notice any other bumps so I looked more closely at the one I felt and saw that there were very tiny cracks in the surface (almost not even noticeable), and then I looked around it some more and found another bump in the back right corner, this one was much smaller but still i could feel the lump there. I have no idea what this is from, the only thing i can think of is that maybe there are hinges on the inside between the monitor and the outside surface that (after 2.5 years of opening and closing) are starting to warp the outside of it. I tried googling this issue but nothing came up, yet I also didnt know how to properly describe it, so if anyone has heard of something like this please let me know Thanks
  8. Hi everybody, Ive looked all over for a solution to this problem and have tried everything Ive found but nothing works. I have a laptop that runs XP, and I have 2 large external HDD and a few USB drives. Im interested in making each HDD (Internal, Large external, and USB) have there own icon. Now I know some of you are like "thats so easy, what a n00b" but I have tried everything and nothing works. First I tried AUTORUN.inf for the external drives which had no affect, then looked to modify the registry (the whole DriveIcon\Default\C thing) and had no luck there. Then I read that If you delete the Iconcache it will rebuild itself at the next bootup and the new icons will show up, so I tried that and not only did the icons not change but it also wouldnt rebuild. Then I found Tweak UI and Icon Tweaker which helped me bring back the Iconcache but still no custom Icons. Some minor details that I found odd during this search . . . when I opened Icon Tweaker and selected the change a specific drive (in this case C) It said the Icon was the new one I wanted it to be (because I still had the register modification saved) but this icon never shows up in My Computer. And also I recently had a friend use my USB drive and when he stuck it in his Vista operated system the icon appeared (it was the one i specified in the AUTORUN.inf) but still will not show up in my XP My Computer. And just to make it clear I do have the generic XP hard drive icons (as opposed to nothing at all which i hear some people have problems with), they just wont change to the icons i want them to be. If anyone can find a reason as to why this isnt working or even a solution (that works) so I can have my icons I shall forever be in your debt
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