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  1. Just a small word of advice. Althought merging images using either tool wont break the image, using a mix of tools to remove components certainly raises the risk of breaking your image. Component removal for the purpose of saving precious HD space realy does'nt yeild as much 'space saving' as one would think. I would also recomend using one tool for the entire job or at least one that changes the media using prescribed MS methods, such as WinToolKit. Just some friendly advice based on my experience in working with RT7. The choice is yours. Also RT7 has'nt been updated in quite some time and uses brute force methods to modify the the images. Every image I've ever made with RT7 has proven to be unstable and unreliable. Hopy this helps. Best regards,
  2. Thanks for reply compstuff, I'll your sugestions a try. Just one question. If I download all the updates from McRip's repo within WnToolKit as you sugest, can I just integrate the whole lot and know that WinToolKit will sort out any redundant updates when it comes time to install the build? Best Regards. Will using this brut force approach not break the instllation? Should I convert .MSU files to CAB prior to intergrating them into my media? Edit: I've looked at the sites you proposed, burf.cesisiani.info is well documented :prop: . Thank you so much! The other sites also provide some awsome resources, it all starting to make sense, I just have a couple of questions that still linger in my mind? What are versioned superseded KB packages? What is Satisfy WU? Do you have any experience with WSUS? -- http://download.wsusoffline.net/
  3. First of all, let me say that I realy like working with WinToolkit and appreciate all the hard work that LegoLash20 has put in this this awsome program....Not to mention the pro-active members in the forum. I am pretty much confortable with my knowledge with most aspects of W7T. However, I am totally baffled on the subject of Update Intergration. I have taken a look at the update catalog, but I have not idea how to sort out what updates I need. The only thing I've been able to decern is that they are all Post windows 7 SP1 updates. I have no clue which ones superceed others or which ones are critical, important, etc. I have spend a number of hours today going thru the forums here, and over at RyanVM's to find some decent documentation that would help me to undertand the complex mechanics of windows updates in relation to W7T. The only thing that came close to reasonable is a tutorial that i found here... http://www.ryanvm.ne...opic.php?t=9024 This tutorial was working out for me till i reached the first step -- downloading SoLorS updates which were all nicely rolled up and ready to go, at least so it seemed. The links are now dead and the tutorial hasn't been updated with anything new, Proceeding to the next available source for getting the update pack only confused me even more. ... KUC, etc... I would realy like to intergrate Win7 hotfixes into my media without having to resort to using multiple tools. Can anyone with a solid foundation in the mechanics of W7 updates and W7T point me to a tut or doc that can explain how to sort out and identify the updates and tell me the basics of do's and dont's with respect to intergrating 'this update' with 'that update' and and so on. Much appreciated and thanks in advance.
  4. I've been using Win Tool Kit for for about a week now, I keeps all my addons, installers, updates, etc.. in the same folder as WinToolKit (F:\WinToolkit) ..\WinToolkit ..\WinToolkit\Addons ..\WinToolkit\Installers ..\WinToolkit\Updates Up until today I've always closed WinToolkit from within the loaded GUI. Today I opened up W7T and the usual splash screen appeared ***Checking for Updates*** the update dialog appeared giving the ususual options to either accept or decline the update. I clicked on the exit button, and poof! all my files and folders in my ..\WinToolkit directory got nuked including the .dll that Wintoolkit depends on. Lucky for me, I was able to recover all my 922 files using basic file recovery techniques. Not sure if this behavior was is a result of a bug, or just heavy activity of that folder. However, no errors were revealed on my hard drive after the event and the hashes on my recovered files are 100%.
  5. Kel, Thanks for this awsome Repack. Just a heads-up. It's a minor detail, but you may want to check the 'Title' found just above the download link to the installer at the top of the post. I believe it ahould read 'Java 7 update 6 dual installer.
  6. Kels, Thanks a bunch for dedicating your resources and time to developing an awsome addon. I'm a little confused as to which one of your releases of UberPacK I should use on a Windows 7 x64 machine. Idealy, I would like to use your most recent version, but which one. I'm confused by the statement made about the 2.8 release. I'm assuming the 4.2 release found over at RyanVM is current. Win7 UberPacK v4.2 Any insight you can provide woukld be much appreciated. Best Regards.
  7. Compstuff, I can't confirm that I've had the same issue. However I did stumble upon this post in the Repacks forum. It sounds promising. I havent intergrated it into any of my builds as of yet. Perhaps over the next few days. I'll post my results when I do. I'll be following both related threads aswell. Reagrds.
  8. Thank you for your replies. I've been poking around and looking inside the archives along with some reading and alah! It makes perfect sense. I think I might even even try making a few addons and silent installers myself. Once again thanks all.
  9. Thanks for responding. But is it really as easy as that? That said, I'll ask again. Are their releases cross compatible with W7T? For example when looking inside the 7z SFX MP3QualityModifier240.exe using winRAR I see this code and SFX modules ;The comment below contains SFX script commands Path=%programfiles%\MP3 Quality Modifier SavePath Silent=1 Overwrite=1 Shortcut=P, MP3QualityModifier.exe, "MP3 Quality Modifier", , "MP3 Quality Modifier", Do I need to add anyhing further to these .7z SFX archives, ie: config.ini files... ?
  10. I've been poking around the Switchless Installers forum over at RyamVM and was wondering if their addons and switchless installer releases can be used with the All in One intergrator in W7T. ie: I've noticed that all their switchless installer releases are .7z archives. Can I just grab one, covert it to SFX and then just plug it in where applicable in W7T? Are their releases cross compatible with W7T? Heres an example I found over at RyanVM Switchess Installer forum If not, can someone please point me to a forum/post on WinCert that can assist me in making my own. I've looked around but cant seem to get a hit on my search query. Much appreciated.
  11. Thanks mate, this makes perfect sense. bphlp, I rechecked the label on the tool and I did in fact have it backwards. The tool actualy converts from MSU > CAB and not as i originaly quoted CAB > MSU. That being said, I would agree with LegoLash's statement that Integrating cab files is quicker, especially if you have LDR/QFE Mode enabled.
  12. Thats a great help mate. Thanks for taking the time on your busy schedule. As I understand both tabs contain a set of unique updates all originating from Windows/Microsoft update? Some are are .CAB files and the others are .MSU. I notice W7T has a tool to convert .CAB to .MSU. Can I not just intergrate a set of mixed (.CAB & .MSU). In what situation would I want to convert a .CAB to .MSU. On another note, I opened up the component remover this evening and have only one question with repect to the column labeled "State" (Installed, Install pending, Staged, xxMB) can you give me a brief explaination of what these States mean in terms of W7T. Once again thanks again. Time to get some shut eye. I'm Planning to give my first built a go in a VM over the weekend.
  13. Hi all. Stumbled upon W7T about a week ago. I must say it's quite impressive. I'm a little confused about the Update Retriever tool. I understand the description of the tool, however, I cant seem to figure out how the tool sorts updates from those that are 1. Critical Updates 2. Important Upates 3. Service Packs 4. Optional Updates I understand that the files found under the Windows Update tab come from using the Windows Update Feature of W7, but I am not understanding is the sources of the files found under the CAB files tab. I'm concerned that if I intergrate the entire list and install W7 on lets say a system that doesnt need a certain update will break the installation of the OS on the target machine. I am currently using a tool called Windows Update Downloder (WUD) http://www.windowsup...downloader.com/ This tool basicaly sorts all Windows 7 Post SP1 (EN) as listed above and alows me to selectively download as per my needs. I like the idea that W7T contains an Update "Downloader" and would like to use it exclusively if i could just makes heads or tails out of it. I'm sure it's verry simple to decipher but i'm just not able to quite wrap my head around it. can these updates be intergrated without having to worry about the order in which they are installed. Example. Is W7T aware that certain updates have prerequisites before they are installed. I looked at the Guide forum but the information I found is rather vague. Thanks again. Peace out! :beerchug:
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