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  1. Lol, thanks Mooms. I was perhaps hoping for something more substantial. Drives are designed to be partitioned. Only Microsoft could be this short-sighted ........ grrr.
  2. Hi Jan, Well, to "boot from USB" was not my objective. I was attempting to create an installation disc on a USB drive as opposed to a DVD. The Windows Media Creation Tool is designed to do this but clearly doesn't work the way I had it in mind. Thus, I'm wasting a huge amount of disk space. The setup files appear to be hard coded so that it ignores any existing partitions, wipes what's there and then creates it's own before placing the install files on it. All this with no warning to the user. I can't believe I'm the only one who has attempted this.
  3. Using: Windows 10, Media Creation Tool, 32GB USB Stick Since Microsoft have decided on the regular feature updates I've decided not to waste any more DVDs for creating Install Discs. They're only valid now for a few months before they become essentially obsolete. So, I thought I'll have a go with creating the setup files on a USB. It's 32 GB so far more than the 8 GB stipulated. However, I didn't want three quarters of the USB to remain unused so I went about partitioning it. Using Windows 10 Disk Management this worked a treat. I now reach the point of using the Media Creation
  4. Sorry, hadn't refreshed my web page since yesterday so didn't realise Kel posted on here too. Anyway, its still resolved :thumbsup_anim: James
  5. Solution posted on another forum. In short the following 2 command lines needed to be added within WPI: {SLEEP} 20 {TASKKILL} radio downloader.exe Tested and works! Thanks Kel. Also, thanks to Rick. I may also have a look at your alternative solution at some point - all good stuff. This thread can now be closed and marked as solved, cheers! James
  6. I have an application that insists on launching after WPI installs it silently. Have found examples that work for other apps but unsure how to adapt it: Skype Example: msiexec /i SkypeSetup.msi STARTSKYPE=FALSE /qf My app: "%wpipath%\Install\x86 Downloads\Radio_Downloader-win32.msi" STARTRADIODOWNLOADER=FALSE /qn Any ideas? James
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