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  1. :thumbsup_anim: It is finally working in Vista!! :thumbsup_anim: for anyone else wants to use it with nero8 micro/lite versions here is what I did: downloaded rick's raw gadget and the http://www.sokoolz.com/addons/r64/Nero8.1....DiscCopyLib.zip extracted them into the folders as follows - Copy NeroAPI.dll, NeroAPIEngine.dll and NeroAPIUnicode.dll to the Nero Burning Rom folder in %ProgramFiles% (you may have to register them with REGSVR32) - Copy NeroGadgetCMServer.bin and NeroGadgetCMServer.exe to %ProgramFiles%\Common Files\Nero\Lib and execute this command from a CMD or Run.. CODE "%CommonProgramFiles%\Nero\Lib\NeroGadgetCMServer.exe" /RegServer N.B. Command Prompt has to be Run as Administrator (right click..Run As..) before executing the Regsvr32 commands also, NeroApiEngine.dll doesn't register but nevertheless the gadget works fine. All credit goes to Rick. :icon_cool: I would just like to say i was that close to installing a full (bloated) version of Nero 8 Ultra.
  2. I downloaded the raw gadget since that is th only one that installs. Downloaded the compatibility libraries but that didn't seem to do anything, no neroapi.dll or any of the dlss you mentioned. I tried using WinZip 11 & WinRar, they do extract 7z files but neither of them wants to extract Nero8.1.1.3lmDiscCopyLib.exe, could u perhaps upload them in zip format for me please? Thanks for your patience with this problem!
  3. Now we're getting somewhere. The gadget now installs under vista but now i am getting the infamous: 2. Critical Error 1. COM Server not found. I have the NeroGadgetCMserver.exe (or whatever it's called) but have no idea how to register or if that even applies in Windows Vista. Tried to download the .ini file that registers it but the sokoolz link is dead.
  4. No bud, when I extract with with WinRar I get folders, not a NeroDiscCopy.Gadget. I re-packed the folders as .Gadget and clicking on that still says, "This is not a valid gadget package". Maybe it works with Alky for Applications Windows Sidebar but not on Vista. We need it to be recognised as a proper Vista Gadget.
  5. when i tried with the .inf you gave me earlier it also said, "Windows Sidebar is not detected. Please install the Alky For Applications Windows Sidebar before continuing". I also can't get the NeroDiscCopy.Gadget (in gadget format) to work, tried renaming it to NeroDiscCopy.Gadget instead of NeroDiscCopy.Gadget.Rar then clicking on it says, "This is not a valid gadget package", unrarred it to the Gadgets folder in Vista and in the Add Gadgets box it doesnt show up. it is a real shame cos i liked the gadget on xp.
  6. Thanks Rick, I'll let you know how it goes. Just as a thought, maybe you could work on this for vista as well since people will be installing the lite/micro versions of nero 8 which doesn't install the sidebar automatically. Otherwise if the nero lite packers read this board perhaps they could add it into the install. Keep up the good work Rick!!
  7. I downloaded the nero 8 micro/lite Gadget & I can't get the gadget to work on Windows Vista, it worked just fine in XP!! It tells me, "Windows Sidebar is not detected. Please install the Alky For Applications Windows Sidebar before continuing". Am I doing something wrong here? I mean I've got the Windows Sidebar since I am running 100% Windows Vista, and I have already installed Nero 8 Lite which is working just fine. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
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