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  1. It works for me on SP3 when I add a registry tweak that it is executed after the first login, but I think it will somehow erase your default wallpaper, and to resolve that I copy my default wallpaper from OEM folders with a CMD file after first login as well, and I have both working without any problems. Just put your image file on the "Wallpaper" folder inside "WINDOWS\Web". ; Installing ORB Bitmap on Logon ; -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ; -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Control Panel\Desktop] "Wallpaper"="C:\\WINDOWS\\Web\\Wallpaper\\Orb.bmp" "Orb.bmp" being the name of the file you want to use. (duh!) And in case any of you want to use it, here's my "Orb". Orb.rar
  2. It is now a multilanguage thread?, well, I guess nobody would mind if I post stuff on spanish, hehe.
  3. It will help for sure, thank you for the idea. Yep, now I can see that, hehe, thanks. I managed to extract BMPs from the AVIs, now I have to edit each one seems like, and then convert those BMPs to AVI again, and that's where I have problems. If there's any recommendation about what kind of software can I use, let me know. Thanks.
  4. Hi. Anybody know how can I convert those green animations of copy, move and delete animations to blue for XP, just like the ones on Aero Diamond from Mr. R0UNDER (Link). I tried to reshack them in the Aero Diamond theme but with no luck, I guess they will appear only when using Vista, wich I don't like, hehe. I just would like to match my whole blue desktop. Thanks.
  5. I use the compressed air can (always holding it straight) with all my cards connected so I can be sure no dust particles will remain inside the connectors, after that I take out the CPU cooler to clean it using this, and reapply this, otherwise, I use simple nail remover (hidden from GF). I agree with Mr. Gorki, every six months I think is a good period to wait to change thermal pastes. The waiting time for the paste to settle, in my case, is 5 days, so I do a cleanup when I know I won't be using the PC for a couple of days. I don't take out the video card cooler because it is too old to generate any considerable amount of heat (Radeon All In Wonder 9800, hehe), but I do blow it with the air can. Only when I know I won't be needing the air can again inside of the case is when I take out the cards and fans to clean them. I don't use air filters because I put the case on top of my desk, and there it doesn't accumulate a lot of dust. I've never heard about that rubber eraser trick on the RAM neither....
  6. I like the flag and that RAR icon.....
  7. I found the cause of the malfunction. Its a program I use, ContextAware, wich is being installed during GuiRunOnce. I anybody knows about this software, let me know, I'm sure there's a workaround for this problem.
  8. If it is of any help. This is exactly how I have it on my XP Source. ; Installing ORB Bitmap on Logon ; -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ; -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Control Panel\Desktop] "Wallpaper"="C:\\WINDOWS\\Web\\Wallpaper\\Orb.bmp"
  9. V'ISO 8.2.1 "Beta" looking good on SP3 RTM.
  10. I'm talking about any shortcut in the system after XP is installed. By example, I install Nero, then I manually create a shortcut on the desktop for Nero Express. For any reason I uninstall Nero, but the shortcut remains on the desktop, now pointing to nowhere. I try to delete that shortcut and explorer crashes.
  11. Yes, that's right. I try to delete the shortcut on the desktop selecting it, and after I press delete on the keyboard, explorer crashes and restart itself. Now, I know it's because of something I did with nLite, but I don't know what, or where on nLite. When I test the same procedure in a no-nLited XP, the usual window trying to find the target of the shortcut appears, and explorer doesn't crash.
  12. I try to select the shortcut then I press delete on the keyboard. A cmd script would do it, but I'm talking about when I'm using XP on the daily basis, not when XP is installing. Any ideas please let me know.
  13. Hi. I'm sure I saw this trick before, I just cannot find it anywere. I need to create a environment variable based on where a specific folder is located, no matter wich drive or partition it's located in, and all this, by command line. Thanks.
  14. The problem seems to appear only on a real installation, when you use VMware the Hardware window doesn't show up. And I think it's only when you have SATA hard drives, beyond that, like the actual cause, I cannot tell.
  15. Hi. It's an old bug I have since the first days I started using nLite, but now that I'm on the final stages of my "perfect" XP CD installation project, I would like to solve it once and for all. There's a shortcut on the desktop that leads nowhere, because the original destination was moved or deleted, and when I try to delete that shortcut, explorer crashes, simply as that. Please, let me know about any ideas you might have, below are the last nLite session I used. Thank you in advance. Last_Session.rar
  16. When XP is installed, a script install my drivers automatically, and then the machine restarts as normal, and a few seconds after login one window appears telling me that the New Hardware Wizard finished configuring a hard drive, then my script makes it dissapear, and that's it, no more problems.
  17. Thank you so much for this one. I've always used to integrate the original IE7 installer with nLite, I will see how this addon works. Thank you again for maintain it up to date. EDIT: It worked flawlessly.
  18. Geez!, there's no problem to fix. V'ISO patches ONLY ICONS AND IMAGES, it DOES NOT patch the visual style, you have to install a Vista theme mod by yourself. Try the one from this link: VistaVG Ultimate. Just make sure you have the theme patch correctly installed, you can download the one from here or you can activate the proper option on nLite.
  19. I don't remember anymore, all the time I've spent building my "perfect" XP ISO I encountered so many issues that I forgot about most of them. But if you say that the problem show up only when you test it on a real machine, you could trace the issue faster. Maybe your machines are using a SATA HDD, and the virtual machine doesn't, that could be clue. It could be a similar problem that the one with MovieMaker, the program doesn't like to have it's files patched.
  20. I had a similar problem long ago, and what I did was many test only with parts of V'ISO until I found the ones that caused my problem. First the half of V'ISO, then the other half, and then the half of the one containing the RES file with the problem, and so on, until I found the specific RES file causing the whole mess. I know it is a long process, but it worked for me with some patience and time.
  21. One question, why 7z resources are included?
  22. Damn!, this is great!, now I don't have to copy ntoskrl.exe from OEM folders anymore. Thank you for the update.
  23. It is supposed to be applied to the XP source directly.
  24. Thank you so much for this release, it's extremely helpful. Keep on the good work.
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