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  1. V'ISO is working perfectly with SP3 5503.
  2. Can erasing the resources inside V'ISO, like iexplore.exe, so the script will just jump to the next available RES solve the problem?
  3. Those look much better, thanks for the update.
  4. No problem, credit is mainly due to Mr. Ricktendo64 for releasing such a good script as V'ISO is.
  5. Thanks for the comments. The theme is a modified version of VistaVG from Mr. Vishal Gupta, and since I haven't asked for his persmission, Im not sure if its correct to share it. And the folder designs are based on the great work of Mr. waiteng86 (DA Gallery). And of course, its easy to change whatever you dont like from the mod, that particular resource its located on shell32 and msgina, under bitmaps (duh!). Im glad you liked them. Originally I was using the former version of V'ISO, but since I got momentum in creating the icons from my other post I figured that I could do a little more to match the whole theme. Please, let me know if you find any issues.
  6. Done. Done as well, thank you so much for the help.
  7. Hi. With the permission of Mr. Ricktendo64, I want to share this V'ISO mod I made based on the same kind of designs found in this post. Replaced are near to 1200 icons and 140 bitmaps. I erased any watermark, so you wont find any "Made by X" stuff from me. The logoff and shutdown texts aren't present, so you wont need to apply the LSpatch. When you select "Thumbnails" as your view of choice in any folder that contains images, you will only see the small previews without any folder design on the back. I'm using it now on a live XP installation and I have no problems so far, but if somebody wants to try it, and find some issue, please let me know. I hope you like it. Some screenshots: winntbbu.dll Logoff, Restart and Shutdown Interface Bootscreen Logon My current Desktop SkyDrive Mirror Zxian Mirror Megaupload Mirror MediaFire Mirror Thanks Zxian.org for hosting.
  8. Sometimes I get that same issue, but try to do what I do, go to your XP CD and look for the files named "NTKRNLMP.EX_" and "NTOSKRNL.EX_", decompress them (both are CAB files, use this: CAB Tool) and then open them with Resource Hacker or similar, look for the first image under "Bitmaps" and check if they have the correct bitmap applied. Keep in mind that Windows use 1 of 4 files depending on how much RAM and what kind of CPU your machine has. The other two files that your Windows may be using are "ntkrnlpa.exe" and "ntkrpamp.exe". Check the following link, wich contains more info: Link And for the Disk Cleanup icon, I couldnt say, I dont even have it on my disc, so I cannot check it. I hope it helps in some way.
  9. It does, Boot and Logon screens. Neat Program uh? :thumbsup_anim:
  10. Greetings. I would like to ask for help. Is there any special trick that I have to use in order to change the bitmaps with a fucsia background, like the ones on "appwiz.cpl" (101 to 107)? I tried to put a new graphic, set the background color to the very same fucsia tone and when I do the tests, I find always edges around the graphic with that same background color. Thank you in advance for the responses you can give.
  11. I even got scared for the downtime. Good to have the forum back.
  12. Thanks for the vote of confidence Mr. LUZR4LIFE, Im trying my best...now if you excuse, I have something in my eye....snif.
  13. Eeeehhh....sure, just let me know what you need, I just dont think Im good enough yet. Not a problem, glad I can share.
  14. Hehe, yeah, it is like that, but for me the important thing is sharing, if somebody wants to leave a comment, thats a plus. Well, its cancelled for public release because its taking too much time to get it right. For what I can see, I have 600 new PNGs that I have to replace, and from those PNGs I have to make the icons with the right sizes to put them on different resources. Originally this would be my fourth revision of the mod, and Im constantly finding myself changing designs from one PNG or another, and that means I have to update all the resources that contains that same new design. So, as you probably guessed already, Im kinda mentally tired. But once finished, if you want, I can show you the mod and see if its worth enough to be released.
  15. Greetings. Finally, this is the second version of those pesky icons of mine. There are 187 PNGs in total on the whole pack (3 parts). I'm not using the standard 256 * 256 px format in many designs because any icon maker software can convert them easily to the right sizes automatically. Where applicable, you will find that the PNGs have layers, making easy for anyone to modify colors and stuff like that. If you compare them to the first ones on my gallery, you may think many are exactly the same, well, they are not. Subtle variations you will find; some noise, blurry surfaces, etc... It took me many days and a lot of effort to complete the collection, so please, be gentle with your opinions. The screenshots are the following: Part 1 Download Link Part 2 Download Link Part 3 Download Link I will NOT be releasing the ICO version, instead, Mr. lsdmeasap will upload an IconPackager version of this pack on his Gallery. And, I will not take requests for now, I have to finish some other designs first, but if you need help with anything else that is design related, let me know please, I'm here to help whenever I can. Please, for the people who would like to post this pack on some other place, like blogs and sites alike, do it, but let me know as well, I would like to keep an eye on the real gallery traffic. By request, you will find the some images to replace the Live Folders and the Data Live Folders on Vista as well. The tools I used are the following: Fireworks CS3, AlienSkin Impact, Nature and EyeCandy 4000, Filters Unlimited, Page Curl Pro, Axialis IconWorkshop, Restorator 2007 and ColorCop. I would like to thank many people who helped, the list is below, and if I forgot somebody, please forgive me, right now I cannot even remember if I ate last night. Also, keep in mind that many designs were created by me, but many others were created by some genious artist (unlike me), so if you, genious artist, find any of your designs in this pack, let me know, so I can remove it by request, or put you on the list of appreciation. Thanks and Kudos to the following people who helped me to create this damn pack: Mr. lsdmeasap (Link) Mr. waiteng86 (Link) (His incredible work made me do all this) Mr. Guesswho at JoeJoe's Mr. Marcolino at JoeJoe's Mr. Kudesnick at JoeJoe's too And many other people here on DeviantArt, that really deserve the title of "Artist". I really really really hope you like this pack, as I said before, it took me a lot of effort, pringles, oreos, marlboros, gatorades and beers... Thank you kindly for the visit, I will be sleeping now for the next 3 days. My Gallery at DA.
  16. Wow, nice resources, I felt primitive watching them. Thanks for sharing.
  17. Thanks, I still trying to make them better.
  18. Hehe, dont worry, I got them fixed already. Thanks for the comments, very appreciated.
  19. Thanks so much for the comments, thats exactly why I posted them. I wanted to mark a difference from file type to file type using colors on the backgrounds (besides the describing logo itself), and I didnt think about other people using a lighter theme than the one I do use, wich is a modified version of Mr. Vishal Gupta's VistaVG, a excellent dark theme by itself. But I will change them to something brigther and I will post them again. Thanks so much for your comments. That was the initial idea, make some darker than others to make a difference among file types, but Im not happy with the tones I got, and the funny thing is that the one I liked the most was the darkest background, hehe. But thanks for pointing that out, I will try to find better tones, and if you can help me with that, it would be amazing!. You have been very helpful, I appreciate that.
  20. Greetings. I've been releasing some designs hopping to find comments to make them better in order to use them on my last XP CD. All the PNGs are fully customizable. I used Fireworks with Eye Candy 4000, Impact and IconWorkshop. Please, let me know what could I change, any ideas are very welcome. DOWNLOAD LINKS: Screenshot Rhor's RAR Icons Version 2 Screenshot Rhor's Audio And Video Icons Screenshot Rhor's My Documents Folders (PNG Only) Rhor's My Documents Folders (ICO Version) Screenshot Rhor's System Files Icons Thanks very much for all your help.
  21. Thanks for the information. I wasnt re-applying the new version of this addon to a modified source where a last version was applied before tho. But I found a way to include all the components, except for the Flash Player, wich is more likely to find a new version from Adobe every month or so. Thanks for all your help.
  22. Then why I didnt have any problems at all using the last version of this pack (1.0.5) when the XP source is exactly the same; same addons, same updates, same everything? The only change was this pack, from version 1.0.5 to 1.0.6.
  23. I used the last versions of this pack before with no problems at all. I got almost all the updates already included on the source. Im not a developer, so if you can tell me why Im having problems, I can create a workaround. Thanks in advance.
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