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    Remember that most of my time is spent developing v2.x so no more features will be added to v1.x. Please be sure to check the test build section every so often so get the latest fixes.
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    You can have as many requests are you want in the 1st post but once i have replied you need to make a new thread with any new/different requests.
    1. Once i have completed a request i will close the thread so i know that it has been done. If you want to add to your request and i have not replied yet then use the EDIT button.
    2. If i have already replied then just make a new thread.
    3. NEW RULE (16/12/2011): If you see your request moving close to the bottom of the forum page, feel free to "bump" it as i like to keep all the unfinished requests at the top of the forum.
    4. NEW RULE (31/10/2012): If I have locked your thread and you have not made a request for it to be unlocked for further discussion after a week the thread will be removed. I will be 'pruning' the requests forum every week for topics which are locked and not replied in a week. They technically won't be deleted but moved to the 'Trash' forum which you guys can't see so they can be restored if necessary.
    I hope this makes sense. I'm trying to be as organised as i can
    I aim to add everything i can in the requests forum, so be patient!
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