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You can have as many requests are you want in the 1st post but once i have replied you need to make a new thread with any new/different requests.

1. Once i have completed a request i will close the thread so i know that it has been done. If you want to add to your request and i have not replied yet then use the EDIT button.

2. If i have already replied then just make a new thread.

3. NEW RULE (16/12/2011): If you see your request moving close to the bottom of the forum page, feel free to "bump" it as i like to keep all the unfinished requests at the top of the forum.

4. NEW RULE (31/10/2012): If I have locked your thread and you have not made a request for it to be unlocked for further discussion after a week the thread will be removed. I will be 'pruning' the requests forum every week for topics which are locked and not replied in a week. They technically won't be deleted but moved to the 'Trash' forum which you guys can't see so they can be restored if necessary.

I hope this makes sense. I'm trying to be as organised as i can :)


I aim to add everything i can in the requests forum, so be patient!

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